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ACC Dashboard Share and Review by Others: Power BI Pro Permission Needed?

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ACC Dashboard Share and Review by Others: Power BI Pro Permission Needed?

When I, as a Power BI Pro user, created a dashboard on ACC Insight -for sharing to others. The others have to get my approval. After my approval, it seems that only the Power BI Pro user can review the dashboard, the Power BI Desktop user have to pay to upgrade to Pro User?  Please let me know, is that a Power BI Desktop user can review the ACC-Insight -Public Dashborad?

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If you want to share your report with anyone, you will need to purchas a special license, which is EXTREMELY expensive.


To view the embedded report, you need either a Power BI Pro or Premium Per User (PPU) license. Or, the content needs to be in a workspace that's in a Power BI Premium capacity (EM or P SKU).


These are around 5K per month.


Otherwise, users will need to be granted permision (for my company, permissions are within our organisation.)


Users will need to have a pro license (10$ / month / user) and will need to sign in to view the report.


Not sure if creating a shared account would work...the mobile app also allows you to view reports in "report-mode."

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