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HELP: A360 Roles, Permissions and Project Types

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HELP: A360 Roles, Permissions and Project Types

Update to the prior permission content listed below: Review this document HERE to understand how the newest Member Roles and Permission levels work within an A360 Team, BIM 360 Team, or Fusion Team hub project. 







Brett Wright
Community Manager
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in reply to: BrettWright

I think the naming of the roles could also be a bit more consistent, in order to be easier to remember.


There are 3 roles for the Team, and 3 roles for the Project. When they are put side-by-side you can see that the equivalent roles between Team and Project are quite similar in function.



Team Owner | Project Owner

Team Administrator | Project Moderator

Team Member | Project Contributor



Instead I would like the roles to be named like this:


Team Owner | Project Owner

Team Administrator | Project Administrator

Team Member | Project Member

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Hi Chad,

Thanks for posting the feedback, can you add it to the IdeaStation as well.

Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Beta Programs!

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in reply to: BrettWright

Hi Brett, could you help clarify the Project Roles for a Project Contributor?  According to your diagram, it states that a Project Contributor can delete/move/copy content in projects they're invited to.  Does this mean they can delete a model or a drawing that I (as Team Leader) have posted to the project?


Thanks for your input!



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in reply to: gcummins

Hi Greg,


Your understanding is correct. Project Contributors can delete files that others have posted, so it's important to be sure they realize that to minimize any unwanted deletions.



Brett Wright
Community Manager
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in reply to: BrettWright

I think it would be more important if Project Contributors couldn't delete project files which they didn't upload.
Only Team Members should have that power, with Project Contributors only deleting their own uploads.
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In A360 Team, how do you change a Team Administrator to someone else? Could you please include screenshots of where to make the change in your reply?


Thank you



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