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Provide note capability for renderings

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast bill on ‎03-10-2017 08:03 AM

Here's my suggestion:


Because rendering in Revit on the desktop is not a sufficiently accurate preview of the final cloud-rendered result, I use the free low-res cloud renders to fine-tune materials and lighting. That's fine.


But there is no way to keep track of the settings I'm varying, like

  • wood glossiness: 75
  • downlights: 250 watts
  • wall bump map: +750

I've tried keeping written notes for each test render, but with several of them going at once and taking different lengths of time to complete, and file names of downloads being so similar, that has proved to be completely unmanageable.


What would it take to have a 'Notes' text field as part of the initial Render in Cloud dialog where any such metadata for a given render could be entered, and then also be available in the My Renderings part of A360?  Is there any way the information could accompany each downloaded image as text? As a ZIP file with a PNG and a TXT with corresponding file names? And maybe as a PDF with both image and text? That would be incredibly helpful -- and would certainly reduce my use of the free renders because I would not have to repeat so many to be sure of what I had done.


Thank you for your consideration.


-Bill Gilliss     

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