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Frequently Asked Questions

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03-09-2015 02:28 PM

Error messages:

“A Problem occurred. The file could not be translated -1”

Check the following:

 “A problem occurred. The Rendering service could not complete your request. The file could not be uploaded.”

“An authentication error occurred.”

These errors might be related to network issues. Check that your network works correctly. If your network is behind a firewall or proxy, please make sure the following are not blocked.





Here is a post describing this in detail.

Try rendering the Revit sample file and see if that works. If this does not help, contact the rendering support team.


“A problem occurred. The Rendering service could not complete your request.”

The width or height of the view that you are rendering may be too big or too small. For eample, if you are using crop region in Revit render settings. The current limitation is that the width or height should be in the range of 108-4000 pixels. Try changing it and see if that works. Also check if you have available cloud credits to render.


“No Internet connection. You must be connected to the internet to access this service.”

This error is not related to A360 rendering. Please check your internet connection and try again.


No rendering dialog/ compressed rendering window

This is related to your browser settings. Clear browser history and reset settings or go back to default settings and the problem will resolve. For Internet Explorer, changing the security settings from “High” to “Medium high” will bring back the dialog box.


Render quality issues:

Why is the material/texture scale wrong (too big)?

Getting the latest update for your version of Revit will fix this problem, especially if you are using Revit 2014.  Link: http://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/downloads#?sort=score


Why is the material color incorrect?

Perhaps you are using the “tint” property in the material. We have added support for "tint" from Revit UR2. So please make sure youe Revit version is later that Revit 2014 UR2.


Why does my image look speckled and noisy even in the final quality render?

This might happen if there is inadequate lighting in your scene, such as indirect light coming from a window. If the scene is well illuminated, you will not see this problem. Add more lights to your scene or increase the intensity of the existing lights.


Why does my image look so bright? How can I adjust the exposure?

This can be done from the Gallery. Go to My Renderings and click on your image thumbnail and navigate to “Adjust exposure”


How can I specify image size when rendering from Revit?

Image output size cannot be specified in Revit render settings. So render a “standard” quality image from Revit. Go to My renderings and re-render the image with a specified width and height or aspect ratio.


Why are some objects (walls or furniture) in my render are missing?

Check if your object is seen in the camera view. Check the visibility, graphics override and filter settings in your camera view. Render from a different camera and see if the object is visible. Also, if you are using Revit 2014, make sure you have installed the latest update.


Why are there differences between Native and Cloud rendering?

Native rendering in Revit uses mental ray, which is a different renderer from the A360 Cloud renderer. We try to match closely with mental ray (with high quality settings) but there could be subtle differences. If you notice significant differences, please bring them to our attention by contacting the rendering support team.


After I click “Start rendering” nothing happens. I don’t see my renders in the Gallery. It looks like my render job is stuck or has failed. What should I do?

This usually does not happen. But if it does, contact the support team with your AutodeskID and email. They can look at your specific job, find out what’s going on and revert back to you.


Cloud credits issues:

Where can I find more information about cloud credits?



It seems like my cloud credits have disappeared. Where can I check them?

Your cloud credit information can be found here: https://accounts.autodesk.com Look at the “Management” tab


Does cloud credits usage depend on my image size? How can I estimate?

Yes, it depends on image size. We usually charge 1 cloud credit per megapixel


How can students get unlimited cloud credits?

Students have to register here: http://students.autodesk.com/

After you register, be sure to download Revit (even if you have it already). This will associate your Autodesk ID with a student subscription.

More information: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/customer-service/account-management/account-access/education-program/...


Known issues:

  • Recessed  lights or lights with self-illuminance material will render with bright hot spots.
  • Glass with decal may look darker
  • View region is not consistent with Revit when rendering the default Revit 3D view named {3D}
  • Minor quality issues are seen when rendering RPCs
  • If computer name or file name consists of non-English special characters (such as é, ú, ä), the file may not render
  • If there is a comma in camera name, the file may not render

Contact us by posting your question on the forum (preferred) or email: support.autodesk360.rendering@autodesk.com

Aradhana Vaidya
Sr. Customer Success Engineer, A360 Rendering
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

08-17-2015 01:18 PM in reply to: anavaidya



Thank you for follow up,this is the error:


 “A problem occurred. The Rendering service could not complete your request. The file could not be uploaded.”

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

06-14-2016 09:40 AM in reply to: anavaidya

What are the specs of the server hardware used for cloud rendering in A360? In other words, what type of servers do you have, what CPU unit models do you use, and what is the frequency of those processors?  Also, do you use GPU acceleration?

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

08-05-2016 05:15 AM in reply to: spouryou

The above error sometimes occurs due to heavy traffic on A360. Could you please try it again. If your internet connection speed is slow, make sure to upload one file at a time. And log out from A360 account from your application from which you are trying to upload the file, and then re login again.

I hope this helps.
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Jitesh Dange
Project Coordinator
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

11-04-2016 02:46 AM in reply to: anavaidya

“A Problem occurred. The file could not be translated -1”


For me this was caused by having the Background style set as Transparent in the Online Rendering Options

whilst also ticking the Alpha Transparent Background in the Render in Cloud dialog

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

12-21-2016 07:31 PM in reply to: anavaidya

Hi I'm trying to render in cloud and I keep getting this error " the rendering service could not complete your request." Can  help me .Capture.PNG

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

12-23-2016 01:36 AM in reply to: MALFOUL



This error looks like a network issue, Please check whether your network is behind any firewall or proxy, if it is, make  usre "*.autodesk.com" is not blocked.

or you could install a web debug to debug it:

1. install fiddler: http://www.telerik.com/fiddler

2. launch Fiddler and then run cloud rendering

3. After the error dialog pop, go back to fiddler : File --> Save --> all sessions 

4. Send the saved file to support.autodesk360.rendering@autodesk.com


Sally Dong
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