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Your service sucks. Cannot search via iOS apps.

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Your service sucks. Cannot search via iOS apps.

Imagine me out in the field with an iPad on mobile data and having to scroll through 1000's of files to get the one I'm looking for, LOL.  I end up using my personal android phone for everything because I can search with that app.  Have been requesting this feature since they updated the app with NOTHING done in 8 months.  The previous iOS app had search, cannot roll back,and now I have to eat through my personal data on my android device for work purposes.  People will say use folders.  Setting up folders for the amount of files I have is crazy, if you upload foldered structure in windows, in a360 you don't have folders after uploading.  Dumps everything in to 1000's of single files.  Would have to manually create all the folders in a360, then tediouslly upload files.  CRAZY!!!  

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Thanks for sending in the feedback to the team and we are working on adding search into the app. That's why we don't remove the old app. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have both in the apple store, so that's why it's still not there. But the new viewer is so much better than what we had in the old app.

You may not know this, but you can use Safari on your iPAD and search that way. Just load up A360 Team and give it a try. If you are not using A360 Team, you can sign up for the trial at this link. It's project based not file based, so you would just open up that project and the files.

Check out this blog on the last updates we did for the mobile app.

iOS Tips anbd Tricks:

If you have not checked out A360 Team yet, you can sign up for the trial at this location.

Last but not least be sure to take the survey in the app, we are paying close attention to it and what you guys are asking for. And search is going to be in the new app, so stay tuned.

Thanks again for posting your feedback and being honest with us about why you not happy. We do appreciate your feedback.

Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

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Your feedback came in a great timing, we have just released to the App Store version 2.0 of A360 which includes a new commenting feature, walkthrough navigation and... yes, search functionality. Your last feedback was well heard, we have taken the time to add a few key enhancements to A360's performance and experience and now we are delighted to enable search as well.


I hope that you'll enjoy the new version of A360, I'll be more than happy to hear back from you to find out how things are going now.


Best Regards,

Ilai Rotbaein

A360 Team

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