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Where are my models?

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Where are my models?

I have several model files uploaded to an A360 project. I save the 3D view in Revit before uploading to A360. Frequently, when I try to view the file in A360, I cannot find anything. None of the buttons seem to re-center the image. How can i do that readily. It's frustrating for clients and the rest of the team. And is there any decent documentation for the App, and the desktop version? I'd like to understand a little more about how everything works. Such as what gestures to use on the iPad App.
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That's not fun.  I'd like to better understand exactly what you what to accomplish in the A360 Viewer.  I understand that you'd like to be able to jump back to a centered 3D view, but it's not clear what else you'd like to accomplish.  We're glad to get you going in the right direction once we better understand things.



Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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Somehow I figured out that the 'F' key would re-center the model in the
viewing window. I figured that out, but how are my clients supposed to
figure that out? A360 is useful to me, if I can share progress models
with them that they can see and orbit around on an iPad or desktop.
Otherwise it's of no use to me. And it's actually a detriment if I have
to show my clients how to use it. Can you direct me to some simple
documentation that I can share with my clients so they can use the App
to best advantage. (What gestures to use to navigate their way around
the model, and what all the other tools do). And I think tools that are
available on the desktop may not be available in the mobile App? Where
do we learn about those features?
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Hi Tim,


To add to Kyle's response to you, it sounds like you are experiencing a defect in the views when trying to view a Revit file.  The team is very proactive at fixing these issues.  Can you create a public share with download enabled, then the team can reproduce what you are seeing and work on fixing it going forward.   You can share that link with me at  Just swap out first.last with my actual first and last name.  


Also here are some blog posts that we have done that might help out with some of your questions.  The A360 Mobile Team has posted a couple blogs on what is new in A360 Mobile.  And if you have suggestions for improvements or even new features for mobile or WEB can you post them in our IdeaStation.


A360 IdeaStation:


While there check out the ideas that are already posted to see if you want to add comments or kudos to any of them.  We look at these all the time to help improve our products. 


Here is the link to our BLOG:


A360 Mobile - New Face, New Tools, New Opportunities!:


A360 for iOS - Tips & Tricks:


We are always working on new blogs for WEB and Mobile, so stay tuned to our BLOG and even sign up for the feed so that you get the latest posts.  


We also have dome a few hangouts already, but when you bring clients in, you could point them to our hangouts to see how to use the products.  We have videos already posted from past Hangouts and we do new Hangouts on Wednesday's.  This coming Wednesday we are going to be doing a getting started with A360 that might be helpful as well.   You can sign up for a Hangout at this location.


Also check out the links to past Hangouts so that you can see those videos as well.  


As a side note, we are also talking about creating short 2 to 5 minute videos on tips and tricks and it sounds like maybe one on how gestures work on mobile would be very helpful.  We are using standard gestures, but a video that shows how we are manipulating a mobile would probably be very helpful.  So if you are looking for anything specific let us know and we can start out with those first.  


Thanks for the great feedback and please share the file with me. 





Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

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