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Uploading Revit files viewer problem to Fusion 360

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Uploading Revit files viewer problem to Fusion 360

Dear All

Could someone help me with my problem.
I would like to upload our Revit models and plans to Fusion 360. To be able to present the visual designs to clients in a simple way. The upload works successfully but the viewer does not show the plans and 3D views. I can find it in the Document browser but it is quite difficult to access.
And sometimes I find that the documents of different projects get mixed up like in this case below. These plan should be in  other project not this one and there is only one '{3D}'.




I have uploaded to Autodesk Drive and also to View There it displays correctly as I expected. This is the correct view what I expecting in Fusion 360 too.


Autodesk Drive



Autodesk Viewer


Drive has a 25 Gb limit and Viewer has a 30 day limit or I can't control access so they can't be used.

Can anyone help me why the plans are not showing in Fusion. Perhaps a link to what is the correct procedure for uploading from Revit.



Thanks and have a nice day.



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Are you positive this is not the issue then it might just be a limitation.

AFAIK Drive/Viewer are the preferred sharing platforms with non-users, and BIM360 (not F360) is the for-purchase solution for REVIT model views sharing with customers and partners.
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Thx the reply. First sorry, but I think I maybe mixed the names of the tools. I don't know its counts but, I was confused because the website name is autodesk360 but now is Fusion Teams in the tab. Before was A360 now Drive, but there but the Desktop Connector say its Fusion360. So I just want to be clear that is not the Fusion 360 itself than just the site where can be store, view and share and it's the same problem when I open the models with mobile, tablet etc.


I know that the Viewer and the Drive can be sharing with non users. It would be good for me but there is some limits what its not suit what we want.


My problem is the the Viewer have only 30 day limits, and if someone is not renewing for more 30 day its deleted.
We have many project with long time periods (maybe years). I cant expect someone will doing that.

Drive is better but the storage limitation is only 25 Gb. I fear the we will run out the storage vary fast.

BIM360 problem is can't share with someone except without invite into the project.


I read that is possible with Fusion Teams to do this. 500 Gb storage and no time limit and possible to share easily with everyone. 


But the problem is not working that i expected. Few year before I used this function, and its worked perfectly.
But now is have this problem.

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in reply to: akos_novak

What I noticed is that when I start uploading it shows the files correctly.

But as soon as it finishes the processing procedure it shows wrong again.
It's like it can't or overwrites existing files incorrectly.


This is the good file structure for example 5 view and 7 sheet what is need.


After the processes only one file and 5 sheet:



No matter what I change and how many times uploading new files here show finally this files all of the time.

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in reply to: akos_novak

@akos_novak Yours is the type of question (Fusion Team Hub) best asked over there then 


A360Drive died and went away. DRIVE may not have been a direct replacement if I recall correctly, it was a side-project that just became something more prominent. Both Drive and the Viewer are what they are and are the free options. Free always has limits.

"stating to show" may simply be a file preview, a static raster imbedded in that file type, and rarely is a live look inside the file if it is just a preview.

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Ok, I understood. I will move to the Fusion Team Hub.
Thank you. Have a nice day!

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