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UI / Features across devices confusing

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UI / Features across devices confusing

I hate to say it, but the differences in the UI and features across Desktop, Android, and iOS is confusing and becoming a mess unless it is restrained.


  • Some things can be done on desktop, but not mobile.
  • Other things can be done on mobile, but not desktop.
  • Depending on which mobile OS, depends on different features again.


I can just see the conversations happening across the phone.


Office User: In your mobile app when viewing a model there is an Add Comment button. You can use this to relay info back to me in the office.

Site User: Is that button on the model screen, or in a menu?

Office User: It's right there on the screen when you're looking at the model. Just press it.

Site User: I don't see an Add Comment button.

Office User: You can't miss it.

Site User: I see a conversation looking button which opens a side panel.

Office User: Yeah, that'll do. Now on that panel there is also an Add Comment button.

Site User: Nope, still can't see it. Don't worry, I'll just print some hard copies to scribble on and scan them in to email to you.


I think someone needs to reel in how and when updates are pushed out.

ADSK would be better off waiting until a feature is working correctly in all devices (Desktop, Android, and iOS) and then push it out at the same time.


I can appreciate that this product is evolving quickly and that there are numerous moving targets, but I would like to think that rollouts could be done a little better.

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Thanks for the feedback Chad and I have shared this with the teams.

Bud Schroeder
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in reply to: Chad-Smith

Hi Chad,


That is correct, Android comments are read only for now, you cannot add new comments on Android in the current release. This is a temporary state only though, we have a release coming up that would enable creation as well.


On the visual design side, there are indeed differences between desktop and mobile and we intend to work on those as well. We do expect however that each platform will have a design that aligns with the design guidelines for that platform. iOS users for example expect a certain look & feel that is different than Android users.


Thank you again for your feedback, it's always great to hear your thoughts and I can assure you the team is taking them very seriously.




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in reply to: ilai_rotbaein

Thanks for the replies.

In regards to the UI visuals, I'm good with each OS having its own look to meet the specified design guidelines. I mean, I certainly wouldn't want the iOS look on my Android. ;^)

But, I do feel that it is important that everything is the same functionally to avoid confusion across the platform.

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