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Sharing Data

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Sharing Data

Please explain the sharing options as a project contributor.  As a contributor if I go to the Data and select a file to share, I get a message, No Sharing Options avilable.  If I select the share option from the activity feed, I have the full sharing capability.

What should a project contributor be able to do?

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As a follow up.  The item I posted was not available immediately in the Data location but was in the activity feed.  Since being fully consumed into the Data location it is now available.  It just tool a little bit longer than expected.

My origional question is answered.

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HI Dan,

Thanks for letting us know and the feedback on what you are seeing.

Bud Schroeder
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Hi Dan, 


It looks like you've answered your question here, however, I thought I'd share a couple links that will help you gain a bit more insight regarding how Roles, Permissions, and Projects work together, i.e. Who can do what, as well how the "Edit Item Properties" function at the file level can still control the Sharing functionality overall.


Roles Permissions and Projects

A360 Tip: How to manage and control "Sharing" at the file level



Brett Wright
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