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Security Levels within A360 Projects

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Security Levels within A360 Projects

I believe there should be another level of control for contributors and or folders.  There needs to be a means no block down loading / uploading of files / folders. This could mean that certain contributes have downloads / upload rights to certain information but no rights to downloads / uploadto other files or folders. I think this would greatly secure some of the critical information posted to the site.

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Hi Rick,

Thanks for posting your feedback on what you would like to see permissions wise with A360. Check out this idea that has been posted to our IdeaStation. If this is what you are looking for, add your comments to the idea and also give it kudos.

Permission management

If not feel free to post your message as a new idea in the IdeaStation. That is where we capture new ideas that people would like to see in the product. You can post ideas on new and existing features that you would like to see. And if you see any that are already there that you like, be sure to add comments and give it kudos. We look at the IdeaStation to see what people would like to see in A360.

Here is a direct link to the IdeaStation as well.

A360 IdeaStation:

Hope this helps and thanks for sharing with us.

Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

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Rick, I saw your post and wanted to add some additional information for you if it would help you out now.


At the file level today, you (the hub Admin) actually can control the specific actions one can do with the file in the Edit Item Properties Dialogue. This is only accessible from the Actions dropdown after you open the file, but check out the below screencast that i recorded for you to show you how you can prohibit any Team Member or Project Contributor from Uploading new versions, Downloading, or creating a public link on any file.


To your earlier point, no this is not at the folder level currently, so you'd have to currently do this one file at a time. 


Be sure to let us know if you have further questions,





Brett Wright
Community Manager

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