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Project Contributors

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Project Contributors

Is it possible to send an invite to a contributor from the initial invite?  It appears I need to invite them, then once in A360 I can change their role.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for posting your question.  I was looking around and the only way I see to be able to do this is when you first create the project.  Then you can select Team Member or Project Contributor.


Invite Project Contributor Team Member.jpg


Also take a look at this blog post on Roles and Permissions, it might help answer some of your questions.


Thanks and hope this helps.

Bud Schroeder
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Hi Dan,


Adding to Buds reply, I would like to explain a little on change roles. You can only have a single Team member and multiple Project COntributors in A360 Free( and in here there is no way of changing roles. But we do have change role option in A360 Team. An invited Team Member can be converted into project Contributor and viceversa. These options are available only for Admin of the Team hub. Let me know in case if you have any questions around this or even if I didnt answer your question correctly. I am happy to help anyways.



Swathi Vadlamani
Autodesk 360 Web

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