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Message all in project

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Message all in project

There seems to be no way to send an alert message to all members of a project.  The other problem is that when you write a message, the message window covers the list of participants shown on the main page of a project, so you can't even see the names to enter them manually.


Requested changes / enhancements:

1 - a. - Ability to enter all or select alert all project members, from the message address window

     b. - Ability to select project members to send message to from a list.  Alternatively give us the ability to select members from the people page before hitting the message button.  The alternative suggestion would work the same as the select boxes above each file on the data page.


2 - a. - Ability to move message window, to uncover member list

     b. - Ability to scroll page under message window



Rich Cizik

Sonic Corp

Stratford, Ct 06615

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Hi Richard,

I see you posted this in the IdeaStation as well. You mention that part of the window is blocked, can you post a screen shot of that? Also what browser are you using when you see this.

Thanks for all the feedback.
Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

Autodesk Beta Programs!

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Using Mozilla/Firefox 35.0.1


Overlapping of people names happens with either 2nd line of message or 2nd line of e-mail addresses.

A360 Message Page.jpg

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If all members of the project have turned on the alerts any new post will go to all.  However, receiving all alerts is turned off by default to keep people from being overwhelmed with information they do not wish to receive.  Each member of a project needs to go into the settings for that project and turn on all the alert settings, then they should receive notice for any post to that project.  See attached screen shot.


Jay Miller

BHB Consulting Engineers, P.C.
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that is simple enough for me, who uses it almost daily. Problem is that I am dealing with people that barely have the attention span to tie their shoes or finish their day at work.If it is something that has to be enabled by the user, then I have no idea who is going to receive the emailed version of the message. If anything default should be receive all project alerts, with an indicator on the people page for those that have disabled it,that at least the moderator can see.


your solution also doesn't solve the problem that the interface is hard to use, you have to constantly manually enter all email addresses, instead of being able to select from a list. In my case I have over a dozen active projects, some have common customers involved, others don't. It is hard to keep track who is involved in each project for messaging. In outlook you can create email address groups, A360 needs that functionality.


rich c.

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Agreed that it is hard to get people to check that on a large scale.  On the flip side we had people turning off all notifications because they were so constant at one point.  It seems worth adding to the ideastation to let the project moderator select the initial settings for each project they create.

Jay Miller

BHB Consulting Engineers, P.C.

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