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iOS - Turn off Ambient Shadows?

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iOS - Turn off Ambient Shadows?

In the iOS app, is there a way to disabled the ambient shadows?

Having this on creates a performance hit which the Android app doesn't have because the Android app doesn't have ambient shadows.

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Hi Chad,

I don't believe that this can be configured. I'll share your post with the mobile team to be sure. Can you tell us what type of iOS device you are using and what the specs are on it? Also what version of iOS it's running.

Thanks for getting us these details.
Bud Schroeder
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in reply to: Chad-Smith

Hi Chad,


Thank you for sharing your idea - it's a great suggestion.


We do plan to add performance settings to A360 iOS and Android mobile apps so you can control special effects, renders, etc.

I'll be glad to notify you once available.


Is there any additional effects/features you would expect to be able to enable/disable?



Roei Oved
Product Manager, ACC
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in reply to: roeioved

In reply to the above comments:

  1. It's an iPad Mini (Gen 1).
  2. iOS 7.1.1
  3. There's not really any additional features I would like to disable that I know of. I guess just getting the visuals as plain as possible to gain the most performance is key.

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