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Data Panel didn't show.

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Data Panel didn't show.

while opening fusion 360, I got blank page in the data panel and design history file. unable to do any thinks due to below attached file. 


  kindly help to clear the bug.


Product: Fusion 360(Licensed version)

Fusion 2.0.18441 x86_64
Windows 11 Pro 23H2 (22631.3007)

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in reply to: jayaguru_s

If you're experiencing a blank page in the data panel and design history file upon opening Fusion 360, several steps can be taken to address the issue. Begin by ensuring a stable internet connection and clearing the Fusion 360 cache via the "Help" menu. Restarting the application may also help resolve the problem. Additionally, consider updating your graphics drivers from the manufacturer's website and confirming that your computer meets Fusion 360's system requirements. If the issue persists, reinstalling the software might be a viable solution. For more targeted assistance, especially if these steps prove ineffective, reaching out to Autodesk Support is recommended. They can provide specialized guidance based on your specific situation and help resolve the blank page problem.

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Clear your application cache can sometime resolve the issue with fusion 360.


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