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BUG: Corrupted File

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BUG: Corrupted File

HELP:  Fusion 360 crashed, and now my drawing file is out-of-sync/corrupted. How can I restore the file??  Please help.


Web location is here:

Diagnostic log zip file is attached.


I cannot open it from my Windows or Mac machines. An image of the error message is attached. I have Fusion 360 updated to the latest version on both machines (2.0.18477

2.0.18688; respectively). I cannot access options to roll the file back to the last known good version. I cannot access menu options to archive the file in order to reopen and Save As a new file.


UPDATE :  I was able to export to a .f3d archive and reimport as a new design. I then updated the Mac version to 2.0.18696. Afterward, I was able to open the file on my Mac, but Windows still displays the error message and fails to open the file. 


UPDATE - March 13, 2024:  Reinstalled Fusion 360 on Windows. Still unable to open the file. This issue extends to multiple files I have created in March.




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