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A360 team trial

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A360 team trial

Hej jag studerar på universitetet och har en studentversion av ert program. Jag skulle kolla vad Autodesk 360 var för något så jag testade att logga in på nätet och fick sedan en bekräftelse mail. Tänkte bara kolla vad som händer efter att test perioden på A360 team trial har gått ut? Jag vill inte betala något så är det något jag måste säga upp? eller går bara perioden ut?

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Hello Victor,

Thanks for sending in your question.  I used Google Translate to see what your question is.  For a Student Version of A360, you need to go through the Student WEB Site.

"Hello I am studying at university and have a student version of your program. I would check out what Autodesk 360 was for something so I tried to log on to the net and then received a confirmation email. Just thought I'd check out what happens after the test period of A360 teams trial has expired? I do not want to pay anything, it's something I have to cancel? or just go out period?"


It sounds like you signed up for the trial.  Be sure to go to the Student site and sign up there.  You can use the trial for 30 days as well, but you want to go with the student version. 


Hope this helps, and thanks for posting to the forums. 

Bud Schroeder
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