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A360 Mobile App - Comments

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A360 Mobile App - Comments

With the most recent update to the mobile app, I am no longer able to search for documents.  I have hundreds of documents and it is very timely and inconvenient having to scroll through so many documents... I feel there should be a search option in the menu.

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Hi Charlie,

Thanks for posting your feedback on A360 Mobile. I moved your message to the A360 forum where we answer questions and feedback on the mobile app.

We are working on adding Search and many other new features to A360 Mobile. Be sure to keep the app updated to see these new features as we post the updates.

Also there is a survey that you can take in the mobile app that helps us to know what you want to see in future versions. So if you get a chance be sure to take the survey.

Thanks again for posting feedback and we are working on Search and many other new features.

Bud Schroeder
AutoCAD Customer Council Beta Programs
Autodesk Inc.

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Hi Charlie,


I'm glad to update you that search files is now available in the latest A360 iOS app released today (v2.0) with additional new very useful features.


Please check it out 🙂



Roei Oved
Product Manager, ACC

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