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A360 / Fusion "Basic Access" restrictions.

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A360 / Fusion "Basic Access" restrictions.



I am a bit confused in the Fusion / A360 "basic access" settings. Maybe somebody can help me in the right direction.  

So our company owns approx 20+ Autodesk Architecture & design suite licenses. 

To share models in the design team, with other firms I have set-up a project on my free A360 HUB account. According to the info on:

This allows one project with unlimited contributors.

This has worked for months now, but suddenly one firm stopped having access. They cannot upload or download any new files and are told they are restricted by a "basic access" account. 


Is this because they registered as a "team account trial" rather than a free account? Or has this to do with their Autodesk subscription settings? I found this:

Can an account be "downgraded" to a free account?

Would it be enough for me (as host) to upgrade to a team account? 


The information on the Autodesk website is very confusing...  as there are A360 free, Fusion, A360 Doc, AND a whole range of BIM 360 products that all seem to do the same... 


I hope anybody can share some light on the above.








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A360/A360Drive is an old offering that is slowly being phased out. Look around, this is a dead forum.

For fusion queries, try the fusion forum instead

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in reply to: D.IntVeld

Hi David

A360 as a service offering from Autodesk has retired, the service you can now use is Autodesk Drive:


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in reply to: D.IntVeld

Hi @ane123 

Please access the drive here.


You can also use Desktop Connector Utility for Sync.

Thanks & Regards,
MohammedAzim Shaikh

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