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When starting Vault Explorer (all flavours) 2013/2014/2015. the loading splash screen stays on top of everything while Vault loads. There is no way to hide it. This means you can't look at or do anything else in windows while you wait for the application to load. Where it is particularly frustrating, is when an error message pops up on loading and ends up hidden behind the splash screen. The only way you can continue, is to click on the message box in the task bar, and then use "Alt+Spacebar+M" and the arrow keys or mouse, to move the error dialog out from behind the splash screen.


I believe this is a regression. I'm sure that this behaviour was not present in earlier releases, but I could be wrong. More importantly, it is inconsistent with every other Autodesk product I have used. Usually, while the application is loading, you can click somewhere other than the splash screen, and it will hide it behind the active window.





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Thank you for posting this idea. We will look into what we can do for it.
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Copy Design with Auto File Numbering

Status: Accepted
by mziegler on ‎06-20-2012 02:49 AM

When i use "Copy Design" i always need to use the second Command rename with "numbering scheme".


Can you change the Copy Design Dialog with build in Auto File Numbering. So i can  do it all with one Command. 

Status: Accepted
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locked file icon colours

Status: Accepted
by *Expert Elite* on ‎02-13-2013 09:39 PM

Change the colours of the 2 locked file icons in Vault Workgroup and above. Currently they are grey and beige. On a monitor with high resolution it is very difficult to see the difference between them. See the below picture. Locked and local up to date is fine. BUt maybe locked and not up to date could be yellow or red or some constrasting colour.



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to copy a design needs often a lot of time to rename.

If the copy should bei in the same folder, you have to delete at every file the " (2)" and rename it.

There are the options prefix and suffix but i think its not enough.With them you can olny add something, not replace ore delete.


With options like rename it will be quicker.



You have files with speeking filenames like this:







and want to make this:






you have need a lot of time.


Best regards







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When I make a copy design of a simple assembly (composed of 2 parts and one drawing), even if I set the parameters to those files only, it takes about 5 min because Vault downloads on my computer all the files (~700) needed for the mega assembly where my simple assembly goes.


Couldn't that be simpler and faster?


I have been told by my local Autodesk support that "Inventor needs all the files to be able to correct the whole without compromising other links"


I still don't understand why, because it works very well when I make a simple copy-paste in Windows, and it's very quick!

Status: Accepted
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Add Alert Notifications To Vault

Status: Accepted
by Board Manager ihayesjr on ‎10-17-2012 06:35 AM


There are a lot of automatic processes that run on the Vault server that are critical to daily usage.  If any of these processes fail, administrators need to be notified so that the issue can be addressed ASAP before the system gets into a critical state.



If the processes go unmonitored or errors are not addressed in a timely manner, the Vault system can get into a critical state making it impossible to use until the issues are addressed.  It can also affect users daily work as they may not be able to get files needed to complete their work.






Create an alert feature in Vault that notifies specific users/administrator of potential problems with the Vault processes.  This should be in the form of an email with possibly attaching log files and other important information in the alert.

Samples of things that need to be monitored:

  • File replication
  • SQL replication
  • ADMS Console backup
  • Database and file store size
Status: Accepted
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UDP (User Defined Properties) are great features.  

If they are mapped to a file property it is not an issue here.


But if they are free-form, users need to be able to edit and add within the Thin Cient or Web Client.


UDPs should be completely editable online, if the users have access to add/edit files.



Status: Accepted
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BoM export - BoM level Indicator

Status: Accepted
by david.rust on ‎11-12-2013 08:29 AM

When exporting the BoM table from Vault Pro, there is no way of showing the BoM level indicator (which it does in Inventor).  This is really annoying as the whole purpose of exporting the BoM is to then import into another system, such as SAP or perhaps a Spreadsheet.  Without the BoM level indicator this is really difficult (actually impossible).  

The other way is to use the Export Items tool (right click in the BoM tab), however all the Items must be set to ‘released’ for this to work.  Sometimes I want to export for progress reporting, and all the Items are not yet released.  Please add an option which allows us to export the Items at any Lifecycle stage.  Currently the Software is far too restrictive for users in the real world.

Status: Accepted
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Make All Settings Persist During Upgrades

Status: Accepted
by Valued Contributor gradcliffe on ‎07-23-2012 02:36 PM

Some Administration settings are lost during a Vault upgrade.  From the most recent upgrade (2012-2013), I remember at least Working Folder and Project File settings were empty when starting the new version.  There might be more.


Also, most or all of the User-specific client options get reset to defaults in both Vault Explorer and the CAD addins.  The ones that are most tedious to restore include grid columns and shortcuts in VE, and prompt settings in CAD addins.


If we're going to have to do a product upgrade every year just to keep current, please make it less painful.

Status: Accepted
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The User Management view only shows the columns User Name, First Name, Last Name and Enabled, see also below.




An account has much more information however.

For an example see below.




Besides the fact that the showed detailed fields can’t be added in the the main dialog, there’s a lack also to create and store additional parameters.

To be able to overview all settings and manage all users (~500+ in a while) I need to keep an extra administration in Excel, which is not very professional.


As shown we are working with groups currently.

It is much more informative if the Roles and Vaults should be filled with the values depending on the active Group.

The possibility to see the properties of a group could also be a help.

At this moment I have to investigate in advance (in another screen) to be able to make the right choice.


With kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet,


Marcel Wassenaar
Sr. Application Engineer - IT

Huisman Equipment BV

Status: Accepted

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