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Rollback Revision - Inventor Rev Block Missing Revision Level

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12-11-2012 11:18 AM

Inventor 2013 / Vault Collaboration 2013


I've tried to filter thru the posts on here but have not really found a good answer or work around to deal with this problem.


We have just started to use the lifecycles and revision / released revision functions in collaboration and the vault rev block in inventor.


The problem, as I'm sure many have, is that as most of the drawings in inventor are not at a revison level that matches the revison level in vault.


Revise Action in Collaboration


So I understand that I can use the "revise" action in collaboration to step the vault "revision" level up to match the "revison" level the inventor drawing and that was great. HOWEVER what we did not catch was that stepping the "revision" up with the "revise" action in vault did not create "released revisions" at each level we stepped thru in vault.  




So now when we go into the drawings to add the "vault rev block" and it does not have all the "revsion levels" only the "revision levels" that were marked as "released revision" in vault.


If we manually add the missing revison levels in inventor then when you update it deletes them.

If we leave them out we are missing history.

If we use the inventor rev block they are not linked to vault.


Is there anyway to mark those missing levels as "released revisons" so they show up in the vault rev block?


Is there anyway to add revison levels into the vault rev block and not have them delete when you update properties from vault? 





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Re: Rollback Revision - Inventor Rev Block Missing Revision Level

12-11-2012 11:49 AM in reply to: rzazuliak

By design there is no way to roll back a revision level in the Vault, and you are correct that Vault rev block will only show released revision levels.  Right now, about the only way to show revisions that existed before you began using lifecycles is to start at your lowest revision level, edit whatever properties you have mapped to the rev block and release it, then do whatever you have set up to bump the revision and just keep going until you get to your current reivision (releasing the rev at each step).  THEN go into the drawing and add the revision block once you've got it up to the current revision.  If you have already got the file released at a higher rev and want to go back to show older ones... there is now way that I know of to do this other than deleting the file from the Vault and checking it back in clean from your CAD software with no revision... then building them up like I mentioned above.


This could cause you to lose data, so I'm cautious about advising that.  You would have to make sure you had really good backups of your Vault and your files, so you could get things back if it didn't go as planned.


I've done this with several files, since we did the same thing.  We started using lifecycles on drawings that were already several revisions old.  Some of them I did have to revault at the no revision state and build back up to the current.  You'd need a hard copy that shows all of your revision info fpr that as well.



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Re: Rollback Revision - Inventor Rev Block Missing Revision Level

12-13-2012 12:29 PM in reply to: cbenner

Thanks for the info on the work around Chris.


We may have no other option if we want to show all our revisions in the rev block.


I still think Autodesk needs to find a way to deal with this without having to delete the item from the vault.


To me if I'm useing the "revise" action there should be an option to "mark as released" as you change revisons levels, or a way to mark previous levels as "released"





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