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Routed Systems length parameter to Part Number/File Name

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by *Expert Elite* ‎03-28-2013 08:02 AM - edited ‎03-28-2013 08:05 AM

In the Content Center, I can edit a Pipe Conduit part's family table and modify the length column so that it is a Custom Column.  I add a length range, similar to how it is done on stock Frame generator profiles.  So far so good.  I also set the column for my file name (which is mapped to project.description so it will show up as such in parts list), as a string like:  "PTFE Spool " {designation} " x " {length}.  Designation is set to show the size formatted to match our purchasing system.  (1" is shown as 100.  Weird, I know)  The entire string then for a 1" x 12" spool would be:  PTFE Spool 100 x 12.


In an assembly, if I Place from Content Center, As Custom, a member from this family, the File name and Description parameters show up as shown above.  Just like I would want them to.  But here's the rub, and (sorry so long winded) the IDEA:


In Routed Systems, once I am in a Pipe Run or populating a pipe route, if I follow the same process of Place From Content Center as Custom, the spool piece comes in with the Filename and Description as:  PTFE Spool 100 x .001.  This is also true of any spools being created by populating a pipe route.


I'd like to see consistensy of pushing these Family Table values out to the part, regardless of wether it is in an assembly or in a pipe environment. 


Did I make any sense?  :smileysurprised:

by brimal on ‎04-02-2014 11:22 AM

I can't seem to even get this far.  I still have the problem that Part Number in the spool piece doesn't populate at all (although the description does).  See older thread:


Authoring Tube and Pipe Conduit


I've tried formatting the Part Number in the Content Center two different ways:


="96"&{SCH}&{DC}&" - "&{PL}


96"&{SCH}&{DC}& - &{PL}


SCH = Pipe Schedule

DC = a diameter code

PL = Pipe Length



by Distinguished Contributor raymondlee306 on ‎04-06-2014 01:04 PM

What I've done is copied the family I want to use a s my routes. I create a custom column in the family table and make it my part number. I then link that column to the "Authority" iProperties. When I populate a BOM in an .idw I format the part number column to use a substituion of Authority. I works with no real issues, just took a little longer during set up.

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