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Re: Digitizer Tablet Support

03-21-2013 05:11 AM in reply to: Alfred.NESWADBA

No it doesn't.

I type align and it asks me to select objects.

Then it asks for source points. ON the 3rd source point ot moves and rotates the raster but soesn't attempt to scale.

Doesn't ask me anything else.



I checked help and it only mentions rotating and moving, not scaling. Guess If we get a scanner I'll set up a button to use the map command.

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Re: Digitizer Tablet Support

03-21-2013 06:12 AM in reply to: albionpjl



>> Then it asks for source points. ON the 3rd source point ot moves and rotates the raster but soesn't attempt to scale.

Please try it with just 2 source/destination points (2 points are enough as long as there is no non-uniform-scaling and/or rubbersheeting necessary/available).


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Re: Digitizer Tablet Support

03-21-2013 10:39 AM in reply to: albionpjl

Raster Design includes a rubbersheet function which helps with the alignment and scaling inside basic AutoCAD.  Map3D and Civil3D have advanced tools for this as well - I don't use them myself, but we routinely receive files with geo-referenced images from our surveyors.  (And yes - they do work on some archeological projects as well.)  Its not an Easy Button click-click-done process but the results are conistently good.

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Re: Digitizer Tablet Support

03-22-2013 03:11 AM in reply to: dgorsman

We've pretty much given up on finding a way to use the tablet in Win7. I suspect that the improved tabler options that are built in to make little usb tablets easier are making the big one unusable.


The IT dept. are down to one last option. They are going to partition my PC and put in a dual boot with XP so I will have to log into one OS to digitise from the plans, and then log into win7 for everything else. It's clunky but we even tried VMware with no joy.


One line manager is deleriously happy; while I can't digitise I mostly have to work on his publication instead.


My usual way of georeferencing in cad is to move the raster under the map with one point lined up and then to use scale and rotate with the reference option.

Couldn't make head or tail of the MAP help info on doing it other ways. I have noticed for several years that Autocad's help files seem to assume that you already know how to do everything. There's probably easier ways of doing several things that I never found because I donj't know where to look. Annotative text for one.  I've read the dummies guide a dozen times and STILL don't know what it's supposed to do. As I never use layouts it's not really relevent. Ditto with some of the more exotic ways of making layers. Our GIS wouldn't accept them anyway, but I wish I knew what they were for. lol.

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Re: Digitizer Tablet Support

04-10-2014 01:40 PM in reply to: albionpjl

albionpjl wrote:

Quotes my earlier post "Right now I have work piling up and no way to get it digitised unless we get XP mode up and running with an XP Calcomp driver and Autocad installed."


The setup exe is copying onto XP mode as I speak. It's been copying for the last 2 hours and still has a couple hours to run. Then I can try installing it into XP.


I'm sorry, but the moment you started telling me that I should be using a scanner and why was I still using a tablet, you were implying that I am stupid and some kind of dinosaur to be using a tablet still. Almost every time someone has posted a tablet related question someone takes it on themselves to advise that they get a scanner instead.


A few years ago, is about 6 or 7, when we finally upgraded from AutoCad r12 dos (no choice about that thanks to Microsoft shredding dos, and because we were getting to many files that were too new for us to open). 'They' is Calcomp who we contacted when we couldn't get the thing working.


Never a moments trouble with r12, but every version since 2011 causes problems. If you look through the forums you will see a lot of posts, mostly unanswered, from people trying to get tablets working with autocad since about 2011 when it suddenly became very much harder. Now, with the prevalence of win7 (also a required upgrade as I was down to minimum specs on my old PC and C3d has a big ram footprint) it seems that nothing will work.

Half my software is going to have to go into XP mode at this rate but I did not expect Autocad to be one of them.


Vtablet's customer support so far seems unable to comprehend the idea of calibrating a tablet in cad, and keeps talking about using it as a mouse, and keeps asking what kind of tablet it is despite being told 3 times. XP mode is our last hope unless someone somewhere has a solution to use it in Win7.




I recently downloaded/installed Vtablets free (for 30 days) driver for use with a Summasketch III 12x12, 16 button digitizer. I got my digitizer working along with all 16 buttons as well. I did this on a coworkers machine as well as my own. Mine is a 32 bit Windows 7, my coworkers a 64 bit Windows 7. The same Summasketch model works flawlessly on each CPU.

Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you select the correct unit you are using (12x12, 16 button, whatever). We had to pay $75 per machine after the 30 days trial period. Worth every penny. Vtablet was a bit slow responding to my questions during the trial period and I often figured out my issues by the time they got back to me anyway. First remove any other digitizer drivers you have on your machine. Then after that is when you want to install the Vtablet drivers. We do NOT use a usb connection (we have the required serial port on the machine already). We are using our digitizers with Autocad Civil3D 2012 (64 bit & 32 bit). Don't give up, it'll work. Every once in a while I'll have to re-fire up the digitizer driver (from the Vtablet Manager) or reinitialize the port & device from within Autocad (reinit), but that may be something else happening within our network that jams me up once in a while. I've also noticed some conflicts if I was running Microstation at the same time as Autocad. Not a big deal, I can work around that. Having my 16 buttons back was key. Good luck.

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