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Hair and Fur not rending using a spline work flow

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Hair and Fur not rending using a spline work flow

Hi Everyone,


I'm currently trying to render Hair and Fur (WSM) for my character using the Arnold render. The problem I'm having is while I have successfully rendered out eye brows for my character using a mesh work flow, using a spline work flow to create eye lashes do not seem to want to render out. I'm using the same Arnold standard hair shader for the eye brows on the eyelashes, and I have the hair and fur rendering option set to mr prim.





Any help is very much appreciated,

Thank you


...yes, I know the UVs on the eyes are bad x)Rendered example using Arnold renderRendered example using Arnold render

Screenshot of eyelashes not renderingScreenshot of eyelashes not rendering

3ds max 2019

Windows 10 Home 64bit

i7-4930 @ 3.40GHz

32gigs RAM

AMD Radeon RX 580 8gigs


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in reply to: henrysun

same here. not working with spline 

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in reply to: Anonymous

Tried here as well with max 2019.3 and latest Arnold version with no luck, you should log it as a bug.

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in reply to: henrysun

Still not working in Max.2019, even with recent updates, example attached.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Still not working in Max 2021.3.2 with latest Arnold (Max to A:  Hair and fur renders OK using the mesh workflow but same exact settings for editable spline workflow (for the eyelashes) does not work.   I will post this over in the Arnold forum as well. 

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in reply to: henrysun

Anyone find a workaround for this? What is the best alternative that allows you to still have decent eyelashes using arnold?

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in reply to: rpardridge



Best workaround I could find was to use the mesh workflow for the eyelashes, i.e., detach as a clone a single strip of polys from the eyelids to be the hair growth plane, and then use the Style tools to curl the lashes, lengthen/scale the upper lashes in the middle a little and use a density map to vary the density on the outer and inner edges.   I prefer the spline workflow, but this works.   

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