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Baking to texture using light groups

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Baking to texture using light groups

Hello, I am trying to work out a way I can set up lights in my scene, and bake them individually onto maps for a game model. The effect I am trying to achieve, is to be able to light the scene in 3ds max, bake out the light maps, bring back into substance painter and tune their color and intensity within that program. Currently, I am only able to bake all the lights onto a mesh, and I cant tune them within Substance because it bakes all to one texture. Am I approaching this wrong, or is there a setting I can use? The long road I suppose would be to turn off all lights except the ones I want to bake, Bake, and then name those textures for SP so i can control and tune. Any help, even if you think its a dumb tip I should know, is greatly appreciated!

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