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Extrude Raro

Status: Gathering Support
by New Member morkraft978 on ‎02-22-2018 01:11 PM

Dear people of Autodesk,


We have noticed that in your 3D modeling program called 3ds Max, there is a certain tool without a name, and it is very important that this does not continue to be the case. This is the action that is performed by expanding an object by holding down the Shift button. This tool is useful enough to receive a name of its own, so we have thought of a name for it: "Extrude Raro", because it resembles in a certain way another one of your great tools called Extrude.


We hope that you consider our proposal and take measures, since you are the only ones capable of giving its deserved identity to the tool. It's all in your hands...








Querida gente de Autodesk,


Nos hemos dado cuenta de que en vuestro programa de modelado 3D llamado 3ds Max, existe cierta herramienta carente de nombre, y es de suma importancia que eso no siga siendo así. Se trata de la acción que se lleva a cabo al expandir un objeto manteniendo presionado el botón Shift. Esta herramienta es lo suficientemente útil como para recibir un nombre propio, así que hemos pensado un nombre para ella: "Extrude Raro", pues se asemeja en cierto modo a otra de vuestras geniales herramientas llamada Extrude.


Esperamos que consideréis nuestra propuesta y toméis medidas, ya que sois los únicos capaces de darle su merecida identidad a la herramienta. Está todo en vuestras manos...




Shift extrude Spline at the end

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor info on ‎02-08-2018 08:01 AM - last edited on ‎02-08-2018 08:03 AM |

I would like to see shift extrude for splines. Like the shift exturde in polyobjects.

So i could drag the end vertex of a spline with pressed shift key and add new sepments to the spline.

without quad intersectwithout quad intersectdistortion with quad intersectdistortion with quad intersectthird party plugin(quad chamfer)third party plugin(quad chamfer)

Precision modeling in Max it's really weird.
Just adding measures and angle control, intersection and perpendicular snaps to lines like autocad would greatly improves Max modeling!
There is also already a script that help drawing lines miauus polyline:

Dynamic Splines in 3ds Max

Status: Future Consideration
by Enthusiast visual on ‎02-20-2018 01:20 AM

Dynamic behavior of meshes is a fantastic function in 3ds Max. For example, if I build up a mesh model, and in the end I apply a chamfer modifier on it, I can modify the base model, and the chamfered model changes with it. 

However, if I try to do the same with a spline, the chamfering breaks the dynamic behavior of the spline, and if I modify the original spline, the chamfered spline does not change, its vertices have baked coordinates.


It would be very nice, if the splines in 3ds max would be as dynamic as the mesh objects.


Even better would be, if meshes and splines could have dynamic connections. For example, detaching Mesh Edges to become Splines wouldn't be a single operation, but the detached spline could be a reference of the mesh. So modifying the mesh would affect the spline itself.



Best regards,


Multiple outputs on material and texture nodes in Slate Material Editor

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant chico on ‎02-08-2018 10:38 PM - last edited on ‎02-08-2018 10:41 PM |

Please add support of mulitple outputs to material and texture nodes in Slate Material Editor. That helps to implement support of advanced shader languages like OSL.


We are working on open source renderer - appleseed - and it support OSL shader language.


Slate material editor is suited very well to build complex shader networks but OSL requires multiple outputs for some shaders. To make is possible for plugin writers support all sorts of shader languages multiple outputs are crucial.

create road from spline

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor hainamcad on ‎02-07-2018 01:16 AM

i found a script from china , but he doesnt publish this script , can you make the same script , or plugin like him , thank you


Recently Used Modifiers

Status: Future Consideration
by Advocate nnikbin on ‎02-04-2018 02:32 PM

I think having a section for recently used modifiers as the first section of Modifier List will be handy. It should be context sensitive and the maximum number of modifiers in this section can be set through preferences (please see the picture below).




The ability to customize toolbars using drag and drop form "Search 3ds Max Commands" dialog to the toolbars.


Just like the following features that already exist:

  • Dragging a command to the toolbar from the Customize User Interface dialog Action list
  • Ctrl+drag the button from any toolbar onto your toolbar





Based on this thread, CAT as it currently stands won't be receiving any new major updates or new features. This is very unfortunate because CAT is a great concept and it's extremely powerful and there's nothing else really like it on the market. There are some 3rd party tools for 3ds Max such as InstantRig and LH Auto-Rig that replicate the modular rigging of CAT, but they don't have the extensive animation tools. Likewise, most other 3d packages don't really have an equivalent--Cinema 4d has CMotion but that doesn't have all the other great features like foot placement, motion extraction node, etc.


The problem with CAT is that it's a bit outdated. It's buggy in places and can cause crashes. Some things are counter intuitive--for example, Motion Extraction Node is a broken mess unless you select the pelvis and enable "Additive to Setup Pose" in the Link Info, then it magically works for the most part. The interface is dated and clunky. CAT could use additions like an equivalent to Biped's Motion Mixer--manually blending animation layers in CAT is well and good but it's not the same as a timeline editor. CAT can also be slow when working with multiple characters.


So my idea is, if it isn't practical to give current CAT a major overhaul, then build a new version of it from the ground up. Completely new codebase. Something that basically does the exact same thing as CAT and has similar features (CAT motion layer, adjustment layers, motion extraction, etc) but does so with a fresh, clean, and modern codebase that can be maintained and regularly updated. Something that can have a slick new interface that meets the needs of modern animators. Something that can take the lessons learned from CAT and Biped and expand on them and improve them. Something that can be designed from the ground up for modern hardware and make use of multi-core processing or even GPU processing.

One benefit is that this could be a way to unify the character animation systems of 3ds Max and streamline the workflow and interface. Right now it's disjointed, fragmented. First you have the regular bone system which has a bunch of tools. Then you have Biped which has its own set of tools. And then you have CAT, which also has its own set of tools. But then they sometimes share features/concepts using their own implementations (animation layers vs biped layers vs CAT layers). This makes animating in 3ds Max a bit rough or confusing for newer and younger users since there's so many systems to learn, each with their own pros and cons.


Another benefit is that this could provide a framework to more easily add other modern features later down the line in future updates. For example, maybe the new tool could get built-in lip sync in a future update. Something similar to FaceFX? What about something like Clovis Gay's F.A.S.T. plugin for 3ds Max? Maybe the tool could get a node-based scripting system like Houdini to allow for procedural animations beyond CAT motion layer. Maybe a built in crowd system? Maybe the ability to script AI so animated characters can "react" to stuff without the need for manual keyframing? What about a timeline editor like the one I suggested here?

I'm just spitballing of course, but you get the idea--stuff like this could potentially be added in future updates, which may or may not be practical with current legacy CAT.


So to summarize, make a brand new rigging/animation tool, CAT 2.0 or some other name, built from the ground up to take all the good stuff and lessons learned from CAT, Biped, and bone system, and which can be updated regularly. One centralized system to rule them all, which can be the sole focus for future development. 

It would be great to have Cut tool/Quickslice that use the "Angle Snap" if enabled to cut at specific precise angles (without need of create point for snaps), it could work either only when MAIUSC it's pressed as for splines.
Either way it would be great to have "X-Y-Z BUTTONS" instead of "Reset Plane" for the Slice Plane for utilize it more quickly, instead of rotating it

Vertex Weld Modifier for Splines

Status: Future Consideration
by Contributor thewool on ‎01-28-2018 04:44 PM

It would be useful to have a Vertex Weld Modifier which can be applied to splines.




  • to parametrically weld imported splines.
  • apply to spline sections so they can be extruded with caps etc



continuing to work on character studio

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer radimov on ‎01-30-2018 11:50 PM

Please continue working on character studio is the most robust and reliable autorig but needs improvement, especially integrate curves that really are useful. The animation takes many years without quality improvements and is being advanced by all other animation programs.

Snapping for Move Tool

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor doomgravex on ‎01-28-2018 01:15 AM

In 3ds Move tool dragging the Gizmo without snapping it's really impredictable with 3 or 4 digits precision.
Adding a Move Snap Option could make moving objects really smart, it would simplify it as Angle Snaps helps with rotation!

It would be configurable like 0,01 - 0,1 - 1cm. A Simple to implement option that would make Moving object simple as in Unreal Engine.



PS: This could already be done with grid snapping enabled but generally it mess with other usefull Snaps, an indepent option could really be great.



Add Bifröst Aero to 3DS Max.

Status: Future Consideration
by Mentor on ‎11-23-2017 07:00 AM

As the title, now that Bifröst liquid is part of Max it would be nice to see the Aero module added as well.

Maya has both, so why not Max as well.

OpenVDB is an industry standard for fast manipulation and surfacing of points and volumetric data.


1.If added to Max it could replace the old slow marching cubes surfacing found in Blobmesh.

2. Provide morphological operations such as erode, dilate and smooth before the data is meshed.

3. Provide a means to import OpenVDB data from other software.


Some cool work done with this toolkit


Status: Under Review

Maya has wonderful customizable step snaping. Must have for 3ds Max!



So many beautiful shaders could be made with the fine tuning the gradients and and mix curves.  Now the Gradient/Mix Curve UI is limited to the width of the material editor UI and very fine tweaking is impossible.   This would add a ton of shader possibilities to max with tweaking an existing feature.

Improve Editable Poly Modeling

Status: Under Review
by Enthusiast Xerges on ‎09-08-2017 07:21 AM

Please, focus on Editable Poly, it's what most Max users use to create something in Max.
Editable Poly needs some serious update.

+ Loop & Ring
    - Ring selection with shift is broken since 2 years ago, fix it (make a box with 2 segments, convert to editable Poly and see how ring and loop selection with shift fails half of the time... very frustrating)
    - Loop selection needs to add an option for: continuous loop selection

+ Circular
    - Circle loop should work on continuous edges selection (actually only works on loops)
    - GeoPoly should work on several faces selected (acting them as one), now it only work on individual faces

+ Extrude
    - FIX EXTRUDE: Polygons gets shifted when they're non co-planar, this is HIGH PRIORITY!
    - make extrude and inset work with shift, move: shift+drag=extrude, scale: shift+drag=inset

    - add segments to extrude/bevel/inset
    - make extrude smarter: remove internal faces, act like bridge when needed...

+ Cap
    - Cap should create quads, instead of a huge ngon

+ Detach
    - Editable Mesh has the option to Explode polygons into elements or objects, Editable Poly should be able to explode all its elements into separate objects

+ Selection
    - Fix Preview Selection Multi, if it gets fixed it'll be the best way to work
    - Double click on Polygon to select the entire Element
    - Edit Poly should work on the input selection, instead of overwrite the selection

+ Symmetry
    - Transform and Tools should have a symmetry option, so they work symmetrical without a symmetry modifier

+ Sculpting Tools
    - Improve current sculpting, like adding mudbox sculpting engine to Max

+ Retopology
    - Editable Poly should have an option to constantly project onto other meshes (this could live in Constrains)
    - Automatic retopology (with and without guides)
    - More and Better control over topology tools (Ribbon -> Freeform)

+ Normals
    - Editable Poly should be able to directly edit normals
    - Face Weighted normals should be the default

+ UV
    - Editable Poly should be able to edit UVs, without adding an extra modifier (Unwrap)

+ Fix Maya Navigation Mode
    - once Maya gets axed you have to make ppl comfortable in Max

+ Snaps
    - Swift Loop should work with snaps

+ Tools Visibility and Shortcuts
    - Some very useful tools are hidden from the user: insert loop, PolyShift Move, Edit Soft Selection... give them default shortcut and its place on the default Right Click Quad
    - Unify Modeling tools under the same roof, they are scattered all over the place
    - Grow/Shrink with shift+mouseWheel


Status: Under Review

There needs to be a clear simple way to install 3ds max as a render node.

Either as a separate download/installer that doesn't allow the UI to start or an option at installation similar to that of Chaos Group Vray that asks you to choose between Workstation, Standalone, Render Node. 


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