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Some local government agencies (DoT) require the user of Microstation formats instead of AutoCAD.  Native support for these DNG files would make it easier to visualize and render these data sets.  


Additionally, many designers use Google Earth data (KMZ) in Sketchup or other such programs, native KMZ support would greatly increase productivity for rendering these types of objects.  

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Batch Render Menu

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer jparkWD9NJ on ‎03-22-2017 09:45 AM

Currently batch menu has duplicate and delete function for editing the list. 

It would be great if we can change the order of the job list by dragging and moving.

I know we can give a priority number but it would've been better to be able to edit the list for organizing purpose. 

It's not intuitive to track job order by looking numbers.




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If you're clicking and dragging to edit the value in many iteration-based settings, for example Blob mesh or Garment maker, it's possible to crash max, and indeed your entire system, by slightly wiggling your mouse cursor so that a value goes out of range or to zero units.

UVW Acquire Mapping Enhancements

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor on ‎03-18-2017 07:03 AM

Making UVW work faster is something that would help a great many users. One task that is always popping up (in my own work and when answering questions for others) is how to easily transfer UVS on one face onto another with minimal effort. For example, if you add a Box primitive and want it to have the same UV scale for bricks that is on another object. These kinds of tasks are common with hard-surface modeling.




The Acquire function fails to acquire from the picked face of an object--instead, it only picks the top UVW Map Modifier in the stack. So it means if your picked object does not have a UVW Map Modifier OR is using multiple UVW Maps (for different mapping parameters on different faces), you will run into problems: either you cannot get mapping OR you can get mapping but only from the top modifier settings.


Update the UVW Map Acquire function to work with ANY picked face of any object in the scene--not just those that have a UVW Map modifier. The Acquire function is so limited because it only works when you pick objects that have UVW Map.... but for collapsed geometry, unwrapped objects, standard primitives, etc... this just isn't an option.



Unwrap UVW


It would be nice if the Unwrap UVW has a method similar to Acquire where you could pick a face in the scene to force the selected UV island to rescale/offset to match the picked face. Just like with UVW Map functions, there should be options for Absolute or Relative results.

Viewport Canvas Should Paint into Padding

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor on ‎03-15-2017 02:13 PM - last edited on ‎03-15-2017 02:14 PM |

Viewport Canvas should paint into the padding. This will save artists time having to clean up UV seams in an external bitmap editor. It should paint out into the padding areas in the same manner that Render To Texture padding works.

The Vertex Color map does not allow using Channels -1 and -2. This means that if you have a mesh that utilizes Vertex Alpha or Vertex Illumination for your game engine and want to represent that data in a texture inside Max (maybe as a blend channel or whatever other texture in your Slate material), you cannot just add the Vertex Color map and be done with it. Instead, you have to copy the current map channel with channel info and paste into another channel that Vertex Color can access. This breaks procedural/additive workflows and adds extra bloat in the file size.


This should be a tremendously small fix--just allow the vertex color map to use the Illum and Alpha channels.

Slice Function Improvements

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor on ‎03-15-2017 11:03 AM

Slice Functions need some more functions


I'd like there to be a couple enhancements to Slice.


Epoly Slice Enhancement


Add a new option, like and alongside the Split option in Epoly properties, called Cap* that is specifically for slice (*so named appropriately to not be confusing with the current Cap in epoly). This would consolidate the actions of cutting up an object and having to cap open borders. It should force the split to immediately apply a cap to the open borders.


This solves the problem of trying to cut an object into elements while trying to keep the object composed of sealed, convex sub-elements. Currently, you need to take several steps for each slice because, if you do not immediately go cap, and then make another slice that crosses the plane of a previous slice, you will create a border that is not planar--and when capped is often not the desired results.


Quckslice Mode in Slide Modifier


Slice Modifier Slice Plane should be updated to have a Quick Slice mode to more quickly draw the plane of a slice. The current slice plane is not convenient for scenarios when you want to slice from one specific point to another (as you can do in Epoly's QuickSlice). As the Slice Modifier is convenient for using on multiple objects, I would like QuickSlice rolled into the standard slice plane UI (so the user can decide to define the plane with the slice plane gizmo, or draw the transformation of the slice plane).


You may think that it's in no need because the user can manually align the slice plane with standard transformations... but doing those types of slice transformations are awkward when trying to slice objects precisely between specific points (like a plane running through two specific grid points etc.) It is what makes Quickslice in Epoly convenient. It should be added to the slice modifier.

Cap Mapping Improvements

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor on ‎03-15-2017 10:52 AM

This was originally posted over at Uservoice but lost in the conversion. Luckily I posted in Area as well... but alas you cannot convert a post to an Idea. So I'm updating here.


Cap Mapping is almost always Useless


In almost all instances where I've used the Cap function (either as a modifier or in the Border mode of Editable Poly) the results invariably require effort to fix.


Here is an example of an object that was split and the interior open borders were capped.




That is never the expected result!


Here is something far more appropriate:



Although the program cannot know automatically which edge to use for a UV-flow, it should be able to use the first edge in the border to create a flow. It should also be able to detect a planar surface and use planar mapping coordinates. This should be added to both the Cap Holes modifier and to the Cap function in Editable Poly.

More line dimensioning

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator papaf1 on ‎03-13-2017 03:10 PM
I've requested this before, but it would be nice to have a line length option in the parameters roll out. This could also be similar to AutoCAD. Drag a line in the direction you want it to go and set a length. You could use the polar snaps to drag straight lines. Then have a length parameter to type in.

When trying to paint onto a thin model, viewport canvas will paint onto the backside of the model if the brush size is as wide as the thickness of the model where you are painting. This is probably not wanted. As such there should be an option to not paint on the backside.

MCG improvement suggestions

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant eeeNano on ‎03-13-2017 08:36 AM

I'm starting to learn MCG because it looks really amazing but I have some difficulties and I think I could share some ideas as a starter who has no clue about how to start.

The tool could be a little annoying for someone who is used to code in text format, this is what I found so far:


Poor documentation:

The use of the commands is really confusing for a starter, the only help you have is a poor description in a little window. An usage sample of each important operator could be really helpful to have a guide (my first and obvious doubts are about loops, array iterations, variables declarations for example)


Debugging and code tests

The debugging and trial/error are just missing. You can't easily preview or trace segments of your project, you can't "Rem" or disable elements to see what is happening or to try alternatives, for example I wanted to unplug a group and plug an alternative but I couldn't do it, I had to erase one and create another and you don't have undo and redo!?


Resources management

I found the resources organization a little messy, you have to collect ALL of the sub-functions/sub-programs in one place, even when sometimes you will use them only once. You can't just open a sample and test it, you have to "install" it because the lack of relative paths of each project, that could lead to conflicts (like the ones I have right now installing some samples) and unlike .ms files, the projects becomes almost non-portables.



For someone who is starting, taking notes is really important but is a relatively poor feature on the editor, the only note you can put is inside of a group, it suppose to be an schematic interface and you can't do basic schemes to organize your ideas.


MaxScript connection

Would be very usefull if the structural elements of MCG are exposed and documented in maxscript in case you need to do some very specific and complex project (for example tools connected with external software and files unsupported by mcg), avoiding the graphical interface and using at the same time the power behind this tool.


MikkT Tangent Basis

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant musashidan77 on ‎03-12-2017 05:26 AM

With MikkT now the standard tangent basis that unifies the workflow(pretty much all modern DCC/baking solutions/game engines/etc have incorporated or are built on this tangent basis) I think it's high time Max reflected this. Max was one of the first DCC to introduce texture baking but, the RTT tools are now hopelessly outdated(comparatively)


The MikkT code is open source and could easily be introduced as an option, especially considering that there is already 3xoptions in the Preferences Settings(Normal Bump Mode) dialogue.

Selection Overlapping Object Box

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer doomgravex on ‎03-12-2017 03:50 AM

In max it's so hard to select object when there are Duplicate or Detach as a Copy!
Please add a Box that allow us to select what is under the mouse like Photoshop or Rhinoceros.

There is already a script that does this but it would be great to have this easy and smart option integrated in MAX



Better Selection.png

It would be amazing to have a Boolean option in the extrusion, for negative operations...
Negative extrusions in max are really anti-intuitive and we need a lot of work to use them in hard situation.
With an optional "boolean" option negative extrusion could be really smart and sketchup like


Here is an example of an obvious situation where it would be greatly usefull... Just create a 3x3 Cube and do a negative extrusion on a side quad.


Boolean Extrusion.png


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Currently in 3dsmax 2017, Autodesk Material supports only mental ray. Switching arnold or V-ray, Autodesk Material will be invisible in material editor. But what I tested with "Physical Material", it works with V-ray, Arnold. Then my idea is please convert all Autodesk Material to use with any type of renderer just like Physical Material.


Or Make the PRESETS of Wood, Concrete, Steel, Tile Floor, Roof, Smoke etc in "Physical Material". Then the user can switch to any renderer without worrying about Reassigning Material.


PS: I'm an architect. Not VFX or film production.

So something i think could speed workflow would be context menus for anything and everything in the quad menu. I feel a lot of time is wasted having to access options through the modifier panel. 


Not just modifiers, basically anything. when i have an object selected, so another example would be a compound object like proboolean, i want a context menu for it. presently this is limited to mesh, poly, spline, nurbs, patch. 


Maybe not all options , but just the basic most important operations. then if people want all options they just do it in the modifier stack.

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Would be great if when importing an autocad drawing, the imported linework could maintain the clipping boundaries established from within autocad. that would save a lot of hassle in dealing with imported drawings.

Better Spline Import from CAD

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast leochester on ‎03-07-2017 03:54 PM

When importing artwork from Illustrator or Autocad, the resulting spline is horrible to work with owing to the number of vertices. None of the import options fix this problem. Personally i use a commercial script to improve the spline, but this doesnt make sense. Autocad & 3dsmax come from the same company - so they should be able to get this connection working better. A simple shape requiring no more than 20 vertices can import with 300,000 vertices. The import process needs to recognise the arcs/curves and translate them into beziers or whatever else makes for a more efficient translation of a non-linear piece of linework.

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Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer chobitslinux on ‎03-06-2017 04:41 PM

Dear supporters

  Helle, dear supporters,I have tested the AMD-firerender sometimes in my 3dsmax,its powerful, fast and stable in heavy work load in my dell station3510,but the install and download precess need a long time in my zone for some network issues, may it will be brilliant for the 3Dsmax and CAD,espensicallly for the productin design suite, in the real time ray-trace modle for which need much CPU runtime and power, containing this kind  add-ons.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Thanks, dear developers.

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Substitute Modifier only used single objects if a grouped objects is used you can modify and update the substitute object.

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