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A more clean / tight UV Editor UI like Maya 2017 has

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Orphydian on ‎02-02-2017 05:16 AM - last edited on ‎02-02-2017 05:17 AM |

Maya  Editor is so well organized with a single  top panel where all the  tools are nicely packed and grouped. Furthermore the icon size is the proper one (not too big and not too small) and their size is consistent  across the whole UI.





When zooming in using Ctrl + Alt + mouse movement, in 3ds Max 2017, a green ball appears on the screen:


That green ball shouldn't be there if you turn off "Zoom About Mouse Point" (for both perspective and orthographic views, from "Customize - Customize User Interface - Mouse"). It's distracting. And why green? It's garish and ugly. Doesn't even fit with the new turquoise "look".

It can easily take half an hour (at least), for no apparent reason ... seriously, do something on that point, please.

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Copy -> Seed Regenerated

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator DuncanAnderson on ‎02-11-2017 11:22 AM



I'm a newbie to 3DSM, but can't find this functionality. So I think it needs to be added.


When copying any item that has a Seed including, but not limited to Foliage that should be an additional option to Regenerate the Seed.


unify similar tools

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor Xerges on ‎04-17-2017 01:01 AM

Some modeling tools can be unified, saving space and making modeling more fluid.

- Extrude, bevel, inset, hinge from edge, extrude along spline, branches: ONE EXTRUDE TOOL

- Cut, quick slice, swiftloop: ONE CUT TOOL




Projection systems in most instances require the screen image to have a hard edge.


There is a "fault" in the 3ds max Modify> Spotlight Parameters or Advanced Effects/Projector Map function since it does not offer a setting/option that allows Hotspot/Beam = Falloff/Field.


A simple script setup (provided by Alfred DeFlaminis at tech support) works quite well for a single projector/spotlight but to apply it individually to 40 projector/lights in a large building-projection/mapping visualization is very laborious.


Having an integrated feature would be very useful for projection visualizations and make the projection function in Max behave like it does in the real-world.



Stephen Scott

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Please, change default grid intensity from 103 to 73

Simple!... my eyes thank you!

Add Motion Packages to Populate like Zombie moves, Festival crowd, Warscenes, swimming, diving, jumping, and so on....






Currently i can't use scene explorer because it's really unreadable because the font size is really really small, with poor contrast, and more of all it's in italic ... Please fix all those things as there are more than 1000 objects in my scene can't work currently correctly i installed zookeeper because of it as font size inside is better.

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I am dissapoint

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer sandbergGJZSN on ‎04-19-2017 06:29 AM

Ok where do i begin?


First of all i got to applaud you for the great idea to clear out all the ideas the community came up with in the previous community feedback site you had. It's really tempting to even suggest new ideas when you throw them in the dumpster every few years without implementing any of them. Also i like that the new categories doesn't even have a "Bugs" section. Just like you always do you just swipe any consideration that this program is buggy under the rug and pretend it is all working as intended.


How about restoring the ideas from previous site and merging it with this and start taking responsabilty by at least admitting there might be bugs in your program. The community can help you by reporting them on this site and you can improve the stability of your program (imagine that).

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As a European individual, the current dialog means to me that I need to click from North America to Europe and then Sweden to get what I need.


1) I would like to see a "remember this setting" to avoid unnecessary clicks. I don't think I have ever used any other location than Stockholm


2) I would also like to be able to add a location directly from the Dialog Box. Currently, I have to add it manually in .\ENU\plugcfg_ln\sitename.txt

Material Override for xref scene




  • Override materials in xrefed scene for the utilization of the matte material and creating composited scenes 




  • Would also work with the state set


Alternate solution that currently fails: 


  • Use xref objects instead. Unfortunately if you link fbx files from within the xrefed scene file the utilization of Xref Object causes render errors, crashes and will also fail to be removed from the xref object panel.
  • Xref objects still requires you to override each object/material separately. This is not the worst as you can select all and utilize state sets but it is still not ideal.    



  • Linked fbx files do not pose a problem when using xref scene but seem to pose a problem with xref objects






Status: Gathering Support
by Observer damiano.decataldo on ‎01-17-2017 03:19 AM - last edited on ‎01-17-2017 03:28 AM |
1 - while deselecting in unwrap view 1 element, it deselects all objects. If i select some faces overlapped and later be able to deselect one of the 2 shells completely i use the element mode, but now is delselecting everything.
2 - if move mode is not selected, i can't move using numeric control. I should be able to move it also in tweak mode to avoid switching back and forth.
3 - add a proper skew tool different from the free tweak one.
4 - pivot should not be an issue in the UV viewport: while in free tweak mode i should be able to move the UV not only if i click on the modifier. And the modifier pivot IMHO should not be moved
5 - add while stitching the option to keep the ratio of the shell i want to stitch so it moves all togheter (Maya like) and not only an edge. This can be toggle.
6 - absolute mode need to work as before. Now works more or less like the offset mode. If i want to collapse UVs now i need to scale them and move to 1,1. 

New VFB Virtual Frame buffer

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator companioncube on ‎04-22-2017 10:58 AM

So now that we have Arnold it's seriously time for a new framebuffer. Talk with solid angle and look at other examples out there but it's really time. 

 some minimum requirements.

-Save versions and various ways to compare

-IPR mode. if you look at the recent Vray Frame buffer updates you can easily use IPR, stop it and start a production render.

-load LUTs and colour profiles.

-Basic Colour correction

-All AOVs and passes in one window with the ability to scroll through while the render continues.

-select objects and/or materials

-pick DOF focus

Extrude/Bevel tool

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant shuboba on ‎02-06-2017 01:45 PM

 In 3ds Max when you use the Extrude/Bevel tool, the result you get is the following:



The edges on the corners are not aligned with the ones in the middle. In other 3d programs (such as XSI, Zbrush, Maya) the result from the same operation is this :




All the edges are straight. Also in Maya there is an option "Local Translate Z" (highlighted in yellow) and when you input a number higher than 0 you get the same effect as in Max :




The Idea - Make Extrude/Bevel tool behave more like in other 3d softwares and add a feature like the one Maya has - "Local Translate Z".

Thank you.

All the best




CAT's FK/IK Blend for feet has been broken for about at least 5 years.  The blend form IK to FK always screws up the toe bone.  I think other problems happen too when doing this blend -- but I know the toe bone is ALWAYS MESSED UP.


Why can't this be fixed?  It has been noted/reported and been around for ever.


I wouldn't normally post it here but C'MON -- this is such a headache to deal with.  FIX IT!!!!



file referencing

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer yoni-cohen on ‎02-13-2017 11:07 PM

Support CAT.

xref materials.


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