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Enhancing viewport canvas to be something like maxon bodypaint, (with faster response when using bigger textures, with projection things from part of image to a object, etc..)

Automatic Retopology Tools

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant msunderwood on ‎01-12-2017 07:31 AM

I would love to see tools in Max that allow us to clean up crappy CAD models and high poly count geometry into usable, "watertight" meshes with the click of a few buttons. Something along the lines of ZRemesher/Dynamesh, but with more options to deal with meshes that have holes or unwelded verts. 

UVW Map Modifier Update

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor Momadarch on ‎04-17-2017 01:01 AM

I would like to see and update on UVW Map Modifier, That makes it easy to apply a texture on a curved model, For example, a curved roadway.Capture 2.JPGCapture.JPG

Would be great if when importing an autocad drawing, the imported linework could maintain the clipping boundaries established from within autocad. that would save a lot of hassle in dealing with imported drawings.

I come from maya and i think its really sad that the feature delete all unused nodes does not excist in 3ds max wich in some cases with testing different textures lead to having a scene full of unused materials - Really?

I thought this feature was in all 3d programs it seems like such and easy thing to implement and also extremly usefull to cleanup the scene.


so this is the easies way to do this command but i think maby add a button or keybind that has this feature


''via MaxScript Listener window simply type:


$*.material = undefined


After you type that script, extract and run this .MCR script from the Scripting drop-down Menu -> Run Script...

Right-click the toolbar -> Customise...


Then browse to the Toolbars Tab, Group 'Main UI', Category 'DAS Tools' and from the Action list click and drag 'DAS Purge Materials' to a free slot on any toolbar on the screen.


Now: Open the Slate Material Editor or The Compact Material Editor and then Click the new button on the toolbar. 


this script will delete all materials from your Editor... even used ones.


To check that it has worked: Click the [MAX] file menu button ->  References -> Asset Tracking -> File -> Refresh''


Hope this feature gets added in soon! :)

It would be nice if we had the option to duplicate an edge or edge-loop with params to specify an exact distance from the source/selected edge/vertex so geometry could be divided at exact locations as required.  We can currently "move" edges accurately via type-in dialogs, but we can't tell Max to create a copy (or a new edge) x-units away from a currently selected edge/vertex. 



Better Spline Tools

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant pmeadows on ‎01-11-2017 07:41 AM

Would be nice to have AutoCAD/Revit style spline editing. Some examples:


1. Spline offset that creates a new spline (unconnected) from the selected spline. (similar to the way AutoCad offsets)

2. Multiple spline offset - set the distance and number of copies.

3. When a spline is open and/or self-intersecting, provide a visual cue as to where it is unconnected and/or crossing itself. (I wrote a script to kind of accomplish this, but it would be good to have natively, like the magenta boxes in Revit)

4. Spline offset preview. (Sometimes I need to offset a spline with the slider to get an idea of how far I need it to offset and then type in the actual value I want. Currently, I use the slider do get an idea of the distance, undo, and then type in the exact value I need.)

5. The ability to detect and remove double/overlapping segments.

6. Built-in ability to flatten splines.


...More ideas for this??

Append Polygon tool

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Chri688m on ‎03-30-2017 03:10 AM

Make a tool just like mayas append polygon tool, this would be so helpfull when modelling.

Update Object Paint

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor Xerges on ‎01-16-2017 08:04 AM

Could we see object paint updated?

take a look at PhysX Painter or Maya Xgen,

or how in Houdini you can paint the normal direction,

which is very useful for flow maps.


This is a powerful tool that needs some update.


I have been working with 3Ds max sinse 2009. And would like to say that unfortunately 3Ds max 2017 the same as 3Ds max 2009 + some plugins.

I dont list all what are really THE WORST among all CG programms I will mention just several.

1) CHAMFER! I dont know which 3D programm has worse chamfer than 3DS MAX! Since 2009 CHAMFER (quad chamfer in new version) is the worst chamfer among all 3d programs I used. I attached here screen how 3DS max 2016 makes chamfer. Please develope chamfer system, see how chamfer, boolen and other tools work in FUSEN!

2) it is very hard to work in viewport with small details in 3DS max. Even if use cviewport lipping when we come very close the object: a) sliced in vew

b) you can move it only if move hierarchy pivot c) viewport  movement or freeze or move very fast and you can't work with snall detail comfortable

d) in many cases you cant select vertex in small object , to do it you must zoom back and if you are lucky boy you will select that vertex.

I would like to paste here a link yo to see how chamfer must work

3) There is very good tools in 3DS max - Viewport Canvanse. Please develop it. It is very good tools please work with it, improve it, make it better!

Thank you!


This one is from my experience of Cinema 4D where you simply place the mouse cursor inside the spinner entry field and roll the mouse up/down to change the values.  In Max the problem/s I have are (1) The teeny-weeny arrows are near impossible to select individually for changing values up or down and (2) I find I need to drag the mouse across the room to change the values by any significant amount.  No doubt there's a setting for that (somewhere) but incorporating the simple "place cursor in spinner and roll mouse wheel" seems so much more intuitive and ergonomic as well.

As per this forum post from a year ago...


Can we please have the substance engine in Max updated to the newer version?


Not being able to use the materials I've bought from the marketplace on is incredibly frustrating, and rendering out to flat textures in substance player defeats the point of using a substance textures.


For those of us not talented enough or equipped to use substance painter/designer ourselves - being able to buy these fantastic looking materials and have them work out the box is a massive benefit.

Show previous transform gizmo position in gray while manipulating

Status: Gathering Support
by Advisor Swordslayer on ‎02-01-2017 03:23 PM - last edited on ‎02-01-2017 03:25 PM |

Same was as in Softimage XSI, see for example here:



It provides a reference frame and gives a better idea of how much actually changed from the original state when tweaking just a little bit, back and forth.

improve chamfer modifier

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer kamzigi on ‎01-05-2017 09:54 AM

Chamfer mod is very useful but I want better topology like this.


In addition, sometime it makes strange UV like this kind of unnecessary connection. Please fix it.



UV channels switch inside of UV editor

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor dzodzu on ‎04-13-2017 12:40 PM - last edited on ‎04-13-2017 12:50 PM |

Quick switch for UV channels inside of UV editor, like in Mayas UV sets drop down menu or just simple numeric switch somewhere on the toolbar below like for IDs.

Oh, and btw, the lasso selection tool in UV Editor!

Multithreading of core modifiers

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate kris on ‎01-06-2017 10:48 AM

The modifiers that we use every day, and result in heavy wait times; specifically those with the ability to add LOD.  Turbosmooth, Meshsmooth, etc., need to be multithreaded.  Going between levels can require a user to sit and wait while max thinks about it, using as little as 6% of the CPU.

Having the ability to keep the Unwrap Editor open at all times would greatly speed up the UV editing work flow. And since UV editing is such a big part of creating 3D assets, that would be a big savings for many users.

If I copy the weights assigned to a vertex in the Weight Tool and paste them to a different vertex, the changed weights are not automatically updated in the Weight Tool. The edited vertex must be deselected and then reselected to display the changed weights in the Weight Tool. Please display changes in weight immediately after pasting different values.

Uvw unwrap as a viewport

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer germain on ‎01-08-2017 07:58 PM

How many have I struggled with rotating an object to look at the unwrapping tweaks while having to dodge the unwrap window on a single-screen desktop. I wish I could dock the unwrap window in a viewport and have it side-by-side with my other viewports.


Kinda goes well with having uvw unwrap as a mode too, don't you think?

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