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Loooooong time limitation, please make procedural maps display in viewport correct ... we're in 2017 now. So far, the only workaround we found is to use Neil Blevins' TexMap Preview script: while it's great, it's not the ideal solution. We pay subscriptions / licenses, please fix useful things.


Enhance procedurals

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast mekene on ‎02-03-2017 12:41 AM

Procedurals maps are very useful. They could be improved to make them more powerful : offer more noise types, more controls, etc .

An excellent starting point would be looking into BerconMaps

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FIX slate editor bug

Status: Archived
by Participant julian.juju on ‎01-06-2017 06:30 AM

there's a bug that occurs totally randomly when you pick a shader or re-organize them

(see attached file below)

Status: Archived



Thank you for posting this but this is a defect and not a feature enhancement.


Please log this defect here:


Thank you and feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or anything.



Kelly Michels

Sr 3ds Max QA

3ds Max Beta manager

Autodesk, Inc


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Bug like the logo

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer di.alejandro.carbonell on ‎04-25-2017 08:33 AM

Doesn't this bug looks like the old 3dmax logo?

Currently in 3dsmax 2017, Autodesk Material supports only mental ray. Switching arnold or V-ray, Autodesk Material will be invisible in material editor. But what I tested with "Physical Material", it works with V-ray, Arnold. Then my idea is please convert all Autodesk Material to use with any type of renderer just like Physical Material.


Or Make the PRESETS of Wood, Concrete, Steel, Tile Floor, Roof, Smoke etc in "Physical Material". Then the user can switch to any renderer without worrying about Reassigning Material.


PS: I'm an architect. Not VFX or film production.

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When i need passes requirement in my project. Sometime it take too much time to doing adding passes for different objects. Is it possible to add pass contribution option in 3Ds Max. It will give more user friendly experience for production and it will save time. If it work there is no need to jump every time to Maya.


It will easy if it support 3 party plug in like Vray.

As per this forum post from a year ago...


Can we please have the substance engine in Max updated to the newer version?


Not being able to use the materials I've bought from the marketplace on is incredibly frustrating, and rendering out to flat textures in substance player defeats the point of using a substance textures.


For those of us not talented enough or equipped to use substance painter/designer ourselves - being able to buy these fantastic looking materials and have them work out the box is a massive benefit.

Right click on object or sub-object to include assign material and pop-up material browser, also include the small property box so automatically opens compact material editor. It would be also good if a special candy control is created for fast change material properties without opening material editor.

A new Depot Material to store different material versions in a scene

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast pokoy on ‎02-04-2017 09:29 AM - last edited on ‎02-04-2017 09:36 AM |

Most shading and rendering artists create numerous versions of a material. Very often, we need to store a material in the scene so it's not lost, either to have a backup version or to have different material versions because different versions need to be rendered out.


Currently, keeping different material versions in the scene is cumbersome and forces us to come up with creative workarounds - carry hidden object with the scene that carry these materials, or create Multi/Sub-Object materials with different material versions nested in it and making sure it's kept in the material editor or assigned to a hidden object etc.


In short, there's no easy dedicated way to store multiple material versions in a scene.


This is easy to solve and can be probably done with very little effort while supporting all renderers. The idea is to have a new material type - let's call it the Depot Material - which can hold materials in a list like, for example, the Multi/Sub-Object Material. The material used for rendering would be simply activated with a simple radio button.


Depot Material UI mockup:




Replace Backburner

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate kris on ‎01-06-2017 10:58 AM

Backburner is ancient.  Every time you change something, it's a huge pain to try to get working; it's had it's day, and a few more days it never should have had.   I don't necessarily want something as advanced as Deadline, but something that works when you install it, gives useful information about renders and errors, and is somewhat streamlined and modern.

But really, I just want it to work without effort.


Collapsible nodes in Slate Material Editor

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate RGhost77 on ‎01-11-2017 02:37 AM - last edited on ‎01-11-2017 02:44 AM |

For now node contains all parameters that the material has. But it's nightmare if material has 50+ parameters it's makes very hard to use such nodes.
Please add into nodes collapsible/expandable groups of parameters (see screenshot) like Maya has.



Render Elements for Art Renderer

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer DCook01 on ‎04-20-2017 03:57 AM

The Art renderer is great! Love it. I would like the ability to separate the renders  into layers or elements though for post. An ID channel, Z-Depth, spec ect.


Every jobs needs a bit of post.

De-activate a map

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant julian.juju on ‎01-07-2017 10:08 AM

De-activate a map in the slot editor without breaking off the link between that map and the shader, so the map behind the one de-activated is still working. See screen attached (the gloss map is still working even if the output is de-activated):

Grouping Nodes In Slate Material Editor

Status: Gathering Support
by Moderator soulburn on ‎01-11-2017 02:04 PM - last edited on ‎01-11-2017 02:19 PM |

We need the ability to take a set of nodes in the Slate Material Editor and group them. Grouping would mean creating a custom colored box that you could drop nodes in and out of, and then collapse these groups so you can de-clutter your material graph. This allows you to make a very complex graph very simple looking, and allows you to share groups with other projects. It needs the following features:


  • Ability to collapse and uncollapse the group
  • Color the box and the same color would be applied to your collapsed node
  • Ability to easily drag and drop items out of and into the group
  • The group can have multiple inputs and outputs
  • You can take any control that exists in a node and propagate it to the group node. So lets say you have a noise node in the group, you could take the size of the noise and propagate it to your group. That way, when you click on the collapsed group node, you have access to the size directly without the need to go hunting in the group. This would allow you to create little groups that have only the controls you need, hiding the rest of the complexity, and share them between multiple networks and files.
  • Take grouped nodes from SME and turn them into presets in a material library that you can share between different material graphs and max files
  • Take grouped nodes from SME and turn them into presets available in the Material/Map browser
  • Groups should be nestable
  • Add notes to your group like a mini help file that lets other people know a little about what the group is useful for

This sort of workflow is common in programs like Shake, Nuke, Katana, Substance Designer, etc, but we really need it as part of the base SME.

Here's an example of one of my common materials...

With grouping, this could be reduced to a readable graph that people could easily edit :)

Unfortunately, when Nitrous was introduced it effectively 'broke' the 2 best viewport shaders available - 3pointshader and Xiolul - for displaying real-time/game assets.


I would like to see a native Nitrous shader aimed squarely at UE4/Unity look-dev(similar to what Modo recently introduced) Possibly a real-time environment mode in the viewport with .HDR lighting. And whereas the above mentioned shaders were previous-gen tech(diffuse/Spec) this would obviously be built for metal/rough PBR


I realise this can be set up using ShaderFX/Stingray but I find the SFX results to be pretty terrible.



3Ds max for indies

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer Arash.aref92 on ‎03-01-2017 04:48 AM



monthly subscription fee for 3ds max is really really high. would Autodesk consider releasing an LT version of 3ds max like Maya does?

or lowering subscription fee for indie developers who couldn't afford 185 dollars a month?


Integrate the new version of Iray

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer fractal33 on ‎01-09-2017 10:27 AM


Iray + is not compatible with previous scenes created with the Iray Standard version. Iray users are forced to convert all our scenes ( materials, cameras and lighting sets).


Iray + does not respect the working process of 3ds MAX. It would be ideal to keep a standard version of Iray that incorporates the latest improvements: Instancing, Active Shade and Support for Pascal GPU's.

Fur/Hair realtime render preview

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate cresshead on ‎01-05-2017 07:35 AM

add hair and fur to real time preview renders (active shade)
right now it's framebuffer and wait 5 mins to find out what you changed - workflow killer.

Since time immemorial the default mat's bump map amount has defaulted to 30 instead of 100. I can't even guess how many times I've had to set the value from 30 to 100 throughout the years.


Why is it 30 and not 100? Sure, the value is a multiplier that goes all the way to 999, unlike most of the other map slots - but so does "specular level", which defaults at 100, instead of 30.


Could you please change the default amount of bump map slot from 30 to 100?


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