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Now that Apple has discontinued QuickTime for PC, Max needs a new codec to output movie files, particularly when producing a viewport animation preview (shift-V). Any new codec would ideally need to be royalty-free, support 4k resolutions and up, and support modern HDR colour spaces. That narrows the field down to pretty much Google's VP9, read more here:

H.265 would be an alternative, but as it's proprietary, there would likely be licensing issues.

As per this forum post from a year ago...


Can we please have the substance engine in Max updated to the newer version?


Not being able to use the materials I've bought from the marketplace on is incredibly frustrating, and rendering out to flat textures in substance player defeats the point of using a substance textures.


For those of us not talented enough or equipped to use substance painter/designer ourselves - being able to buy these fantastic looking materials and have them work out the box is a massive benefit.

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I would like to see much of the Civil View functionality rebuilt using MCG. I suspect it would be much more flexible with the data coming in (support for all the 3ds max import types), as well as faster.

Add the possibilty to create point cache for changing topology objects, like complex particle flow system, for example. The integration of the XMesh plugin would be perfect!

Merge by Layer

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast DaveWortley on ‎01-06-2017 02:47 AM

It's crazy that Merging a File is so limited in terms of understanding the scene.


I want to be able to merge and add Xref Objects based on Layer.


See my other post for allowing API for .max files to know layers are in the scene.

Whenever you create selection saves, and save that max file, and then merge that file into a new file, those selection sets are not getting merged. It would be very beneficial to bring those selection sets with the merged scene, since selection sets have the advantatge over layers where the same object can live within different selection sets. 

From the Solidangle support site:


"3ds Max does not support more recent EXR formats natively, and you may have issues using Arnold generated EXRs in your scenes. EXRs with only one layer should work."


Well, this seems like a no-brainer.



Game exporter evolution

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator StephenMF on ‎01-24-2017 08:10 AM

The Game exporter is very valuable for us.


But it has some areas where it could be improved.

I will try to outline them here.


  1. Better way to define what is being exported
    1. As it is now you can do ALL, Selection and Object set. I see no use for the first two, but the last is a decent idea... But
      1. "Object set" is a little clumsy to work with. Building a scene over days, weeks and adding new objects you have to ALWAYS, AGAIN and AGAIN add the objects to the object set. An improvement could be:
    2. Export by layer (and sublayer)
      1. You could just keep adding objects to the working layer move them to an used layer to ignore them and sort them in sub layers.
        1. This way you could skip the step where you would have to add the objects to a selection set.
    3. Export by Hierarchy (including child objects)
      1. Select a top node to export it plus all children
        1. more or less the same as layers.
        2. You would just have to link nodes in a proper hierarchy.
  2. Have export settings embedded in the max file so they are loaded when you load the max file.
    1. 99.9% of the time an export setting is tightly connected to a specific scene.
      1. It is OK to be able to save settings to disk, but most often you dont need those export settings somewhere else.
    2. I feel dumb when I have to load export settings again and again.
      1. A max scene could easily have 10 different export settings in it. Very tedious to load them every time you load the max file.
  3. All file I/O dialogs should be the good old max open/save dialog. It has good shortcuts to resent file paths

That's it for now

Hope it makes sense.


Too many times, max scenes got bugged with no reasons. When max open a file, it will be awesome to see in a console output what max is doing (which nodes, textures... is currently loading) to see which node is bugged to better understand what to debug instead of merging each node to see where it fails.



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Merging render setting by maxscript

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer 3dfeffe on ‎01-07-2017 08:18 AM

i'd love to have an option in the merge command to include the render setting of the .max file like in the standard GUI of merge.

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3ds max support rendering of stills and animation, speaking of animation output we syll have to rzfer to the file (avi) to play and preview out render animation.


We need more than this, that is a built-in animation (3ds max player) where we play animation inside 3ds max directly after rendering without going back

to file explorer and running the avi file.


moreover this 3dsmax player can serve as animation previewer that is we can play those already rendered frames while we render the rest. instead of interrupting the whole animation rendering process.



The current fbx export seems to only export standard cameras and physical cameras get exported as a dummy object. It would be nice to be able to export physical cameras as fbx. In particular this would be desirable to allow import into stingray. 


I use physical cameras because first and foremost I am producing a 3D animation in 3dsmax however I am hoping to transition this to include stingray for an interactive architectural visualization experience or for quick rendering outputs that do not require back burner rendering on multiple computers.  


The other drawback with this is that it removes the interoperability  of FBX with regeards to using physical cameras.  



Scene states seem to corrupt files and throw out data quite often.I'd love a proper render layers setup similar to maya or XSI where we can have a single animation in the scene but have multiple render layers where different parts of the scene can be rendered and materials and properties overridden to allow for things like convenient matte and shadow passes without having to save multiple max files.

OpenColorIO / OCIO support

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast SuperRune on ‎04-20-2017 01:46 AM

OpenColorIO is becoming a standard for high end visual effects work, and also has benefits when working in visualization. Maya, Houdini and Blender has solutions for it, and it would be great if support for OCIO could be added natively to 3ds Max.

Since 3ds Max is no longer going to have Mental Ray included with it starting with 3ds Max 2018, and that Arnold will only allow us to do still renders on our main machine (RIP everyone's render farms...), essentially we're only able to use it to output single frames on our main machines, I feel Autodesk should create a new, biased render engine to replace Mental Ray.


I'm a student and cannot afford $1,000 each year to pay for rendering resources when Autodesk (showing that they're capable of this) can easily integrate a new, biased, render engine into 3ds Max that will someone or completely replace Mental Ray.


Maya has 4 different integrated render engines, why can't 3ds Max?

OS native dialog

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant sean on ‎01-29-2017 01:17 PM

Isn't it about time that the open, import, merge, save as etc etc etc box was a OS native dialog box like in Maya.  This means you can then have the links to your projects,assets etc in the left of the box and not have to go hunting for them.  This will save finding the file dir in windows and copying the link.  This method is ok but having a better box built in would be good.

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I would be very glad, if the autosave mechanism would produce filnames, where one can see the original file name. Because of the bigger RAM avaiable for most users it is possible to work in two 3dsMAX sessions, which is much more efficient. But the autosave file has the name "AutoBackup01.max" regardless the name of the scene. You can alter "Autobackup" to another name and you can have 99 autosave files. But if you look for the right one in a case of emergency it can be tricky. AutoCAD has the naming of autosave files regarding to the filename since decades (at a rough estimate).


When importing or linking a revit file, nearly all imported materials are simply called "Standardmaterial", regardless of what they were named in Revit.


It would make far more sense to retain the material names from Revit, either the revit material itself, or the render material.

Xref Objects - Update Layers

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate steve.thorne on ‎03-28-2017 05:12 AM

When updating the xref object the layers do not update. It would be nice if they did as xref scene does this. 



Enhanced Make Preview

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor Ehsan.Sarahian on ‎03-29-2017 03:45 AM

Make preview is a small but important tool for checking quality of animates .
For better analyze animate and our sequence MP need more options for filtering scene in previews specially trajectory visibility and audio support, overlay text specially methods of time display, better camera support specially support camera sequencer and etc.

You can see more detail below :


First make Preview window at the moment :


preview 1.jpg


My proposed items :


preview 2.jpg

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