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Populate function

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant jparkWD9NJ on ‎03-23-2017 04:33 PM



 Although the populate function for animating people has been enhanced greatly, it would be great if we have an option that we can create flows for stairs. I know there's a ramp option but the angle for ramp isn't cover more steep angles which Landscape architecture firms are frequently facing.






Timeline Range Manager

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer ggrimsby on ‎04-23-2017 06:42 AM


I believe it would benefit animators to have a animation range manager build into 3DS MAX.  This has been rebuilt by most of the studios I have worked for because we work with multiple animations in one max file.

Here is a version of this scripted by Dim Walker and modified by myself:



This version saves the names and ranges into the root Appdata so it transfers with the file. Anyone with the script gets the definitions too.


What can this do?

1)lets you define a named range

2)controls the start and end frame of the timeline

3)delete a named range

4)rename a named range

5)re-define a range's frame start and end

6)Sort named ranges by name or Frame start.

7)Next keyframe/previous keyframe



This makes working with multiple animations in a single MAX file MUCH quicker for the animator and allows easier collaboration.

After 20 years, its time to get this functionality in the software as an included part so that team members and students don't have to install it themselves.  Note that studios could add custom scripting to customize the manager to do other things.  I have mine extended to export out each named range.




Now that Apple has discontinued QuickTime for PC, Max needs a new codec to output movie files, particularly when producing a viewport animation preview (shift-V). Any new codec would ideally need to be royalty-free, support 4k resolutions and up, and support modern HDR colour spaces. That narrows the field down to pretty much Google's VP9, read more here:

H.265 would be an alternative, but as it's proprietary, there would likely be licensing issues.

Max needs a fast an easy way to setup sticky points/clusters,

also called dorito effect,

like in these videos:






We really need a performace boost, we're falling behind...

Nvidia FLEX in 3ds Max!

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast KristofferHelander on ‎12-08-2016 03:12 PM

Integrate the unified PhysX technology called FLEX into 3ds Max and Particle Flow in order to simulate different types of physics in the same system, here are some examples.

•Liquids (water, goo)
•Granular materials (sand, dirt)
•Environmental cloth (flags, newspapers)
•Rigid bodies (environmental debris)
•Soft bodies (inflatables / tetrahedral meshes)


Check out this live demonstration and don't miss the WATER BALLOONS at 2:45! :)


Here is some more info from

Ocean Object

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator papaf1 on ‎03-03-2017 05:54 PM

A Water or Ocean object with waves and buoyancy objects with dynamics.

Partcile flow update

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer Raymarcher on ‎01-04-2017 10:35 AM

Better performance, new features, tighter integration within 3ds Max and bug fixes.

Add the possibilty to create point cache for changing topology objects, like complex particle flow system, for example. The integration of the XMesh plugin would be perfect!

So this is sort of the holy grail for 3d animation as far as I'm concerned.  At it's most complex I'm sure it would be extremely hard to implement and grind workstations to a halt.  However a simpler incarnation seems practical given today's hardware.


The idea is this: right now when we work in the viewports, we are basically manipulating a bunch of objects that have no mass or physical structure.  It's like pushing air around.  Any one object can intersect any other object freely.  Sometimes that's good.  But often it's not.


I'd like to see some live collision detection (as a toggle) where an object will no longer be able to pass through every other object.  I realize this would be extremely taxing if there was loads of complex geometry in the scene. But what if you could just select a few "live" objects?  One might be a point helper and the other a ground plane.  The live collision toggle would make it impossible to push the point helper (pivot) "through" the ground plane.  If you made a sphere or box primitive live along with the ground, then their mesh vertices would not be able to push past the ground layer.  If the meshes were very detailed then max could make simpler proxy objects on the fly (similar to massfx).  


Instead of making objects live piece by piece -- you could instead implement a "Limit box" (like the point cloud) or a "sphere of influence" that allows users to adjust the area where collision detection is active.  Object properties could be set to keep some objects always excluded from collision calculations.


So at its most basic, this form of collision detection is the ability to make a few objects "active" or "live" and have Max prevent intersections actively.  If not prevent them, then at least Max could detect intersections -- a red glow (or colored vertices) would appear near the intersection or whatever. 



A step up in complexity would look at interconnectivity between objects (as in hierarchies or rigged systems) and take that into account.... such as when rotating a shoulder bone and the hand bones strike a wall.  


The ultimate step up would detect skinned mesh collisions.  Think about animating a character's fingers wrapping around a railing.  Right now that takes a lot of careful adjustments and examining the hand from all angles.  BUT if the skinned mesh's intersection with handrail could be detected/prevented when adjusting finger bones, that would be incredible (but I imagine it would still be slow).  Then add adjustable deformation (based on a softness parameter) as the fingers squash against the solid surface.... but baby steps...


Initially if just basic objects could be used, including bones of a skinned mesh, it would mean real progress and we'll start to have some solidity in the viewports. No more pushing air.



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Colour Music ?

Status: Gathering Support
by Observer petitpalat on ‎02-10-2017 02:31 PM

Call it Colour Music. But somehow, I’m intrigued with the possibility, of again coming to participate in this forum, like already from Max 2.5 and then, previously, 3ds DOS. Although my ideas and ways of working, where despite maybe some of the same tools of working i.e. 3dsMax, then things in common they are normally nearly non-existing.

Like for example. We all know about film and film-making, and that a certain amount of images, it leaves us with an idea of a certain movement coming in. Also on the other hand, we also know about so-called pointillism. And that one colour coming next to another colour, it leaves us with a sensation of now even a “third” colour coming in. And then, with film-making and pointillism together, and that only it can be done with Max but in a very special manner, where instead of one picture and then another, it is now one colour and then another.

What happens is that, instead of having images and then for us, movement. It is now colours, one after the other and for us. One or maybe many of them that are already gone, somehow into our dreams and imagination only, and others still coming in. Dream and reality combined and we all know. Take a look at a sunset or a sunrise and how you feel. And then take a picture of it, and one of it is just flat.

Last year I had an intervention with a Chinese film delegation. And they just sat there to what I showed them, jaw dropping and some of them almost in tears.  


 PS: I might be ready with, say, a new album, in approximately a month from now

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"Flavour" modifiers for animation

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant adam on ‎01-05-2017 06:10 PM

Basically a set of presets that can be "added" on top of standard 3dsmax animation, without the requirement of setting up controller lists. These would be processed in a global space context and modify the resultant animation to behave according to the specified "flavour". Possible flavour treatments might be stop-motion, elastic/squash-stretch, slow-in/fast-out, nervous, ...


This would allow animators to work on very simple keyframe setups, but very quickly generate stylistically evocative animation results.


In the context of CAT it is very easy to imagine it as a layer type that can be added to the CAT layers panel; it would probably only have two parameters - the type of "flavour" and the weight of the affect.


I know this is possible with Script/MCG controllers (and others), but a simple loadable method to control this without setting up nested controllers would see it have much broader application and impact. An important point is that the animation "flavour" is processed not on the individual controller level, but in context of the global transform matrix (including it's parent(s) transform context).


Automatron (of the Lot of Robots usage) back in the 2000's mentioned a feature like this (namely stop motion and spring), but I am pretty sure that animation system never got commercially released. That said, in the Automatron context it looks like it was a way to process keyframe animation rather than a real-time modification of the resultant animation that I am talking about.


Year ago I spoke to the CAT developers (before they moved to Softimage) about this, sadly it never saw the light of day, presumably due to the stalled development of CAT since the Softimage (then Autodesk) acquisitions.

Currently, trajectories in 3ds Max are strictly for reference and do not allow the user to adjust the motion of an object. It would be nice if the trajectory could become a spline which you then could adjust in the viewport. This is functionality similar to what is done in After Effects or Combustion after a element is animated. Another example can be seen in Maya. There is a tech demo on the Area showing similar functionality.

Status: Implemented

implemented in 3ds max 2018!

CAT Enhancements

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor tsyba on ‎01-19-2017 02:06 AM

- Ability to select and move animation keys on multiple layers at ones
- Ability to assign the same controllers for multiple selected bones
- Visual feedback for the saved poses and clips

More Extended CAT

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor dzodzu on ‎04-13-2017 12:46 PM

Better Animation layers for CAT, or a clips editor like for biped.

As also I would definitely love full body Human IK....

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3ds max support rendering of stills and animation, speaking of animation output we syll have to rzfer to the file (avi) to play and preview out render animation.


We need more than this, that is a built-in animation (3ds max player) where we play animation inside 3ds max directly after rendering without going back

to file explorer and running the avi file.


moreover this 3dsmax player can serve as animation previewer that is we can play those already rendered frames while we render the rest. instead of interrupting the whole animation rendering process.



the tool like older plugin skinfx but with better colision tools


Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor Xerges on ‎01-16-2017 08:38 AM

Max needs a robust set of sculpting tools, actual sculpting tools are not enough,

especially now that Mudbox is discontinued,

all the tools and functionality should be added to Max,

including the automatic retopo and some sort of Dynamesh.


this is also a good tool to add deformation refinement for skin and morph...


Timeline improvements

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor tsyba on ‎01-20-2017 03:01 AM

- Ability to display position, rotation and scale keys on three different timelines

- Ability to set a segment on the timeline, which will be played in a loop

- Ability to move on a timeline with the specified interval of the frames

- Scaling of the timeline like in Adobe After Effects ( a separate slider )

- Ability to put marks on frames. ( Often during the animation you want to have keys for different objects in the same frames. Such marks will help not to forget where you want to put the keys. )

- When scaling and moving the Selection Range shall be provided the opportunity to enable automatic displacement of the neighboring keys

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