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Deleting individual or all unused materials no longer wished in scene.

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Chri688m on ‎02-14-2017 01:46 AM

I come from maya and i think its really sad that the feature delete all unused nodes does not excist in 3ds max wich in some cases with testing different textures lead to having a scene full of unused materials - Really?

I thought this feature was in all 3d programs it seems like such and easy thing to implement and also extremly usefull to cleanup the scene.


so this is the easies way to do this command but i think maby add a button or keybind that has this feature


''via MaxScript Listener window simply type:


$*.material = undefined


After you type that script, extract and run this .MCR script from the Scripting drop-down Menu -> Run Script...

Right-click the toolbar -> Customise...


Then browse to the Toolbars Tab, Group 'Main UI', Category 'DAS Tools' and from the Action list click and drag 'DAS Purge Materials' to a free slot on any toolbar on the screen.


Now: Open the Slate Material Editor or The Compact Material Editor and then Click the new button on the toolbar. 


this script will delete all materials from your Editor... even used ones.


To check that it has worked: Click the [MAX] file menu button ->  References -> Asset Tracking -> File -> Refresh''


Hope this feature gets added in soon! :)

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