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Add support for the ESRI Shape (SHP) format for import and export

Add support for the ESRI Shape (SHP) format for import and export

With the recent collaboration of Autodesk and ESRI, I would like to see sort for importing and exporting SHP files to and from ArcGIS. In addition to this, it would be helpful to support reading the metadata from said files and provide Maxscript access to this metadata for further extensibility within 3ds max. 


Given how survey data tends to be at very large coordinates, and the problems 3DSMAX has with those due to single-precision values, that might pose some problems.  There would need to be something to auto-translate the contents much closer to the origin during import.  Exporting to accurate values may also pose a similar problem.


This is true, however, while going through the API docs in the 2019 help file, I noticed Double precision geometric primitives listed as a new feature. I am curious if this would allow a double precision shift from a geospatial coordinate system to a local with CAD and GIS files such as SHP and DWG. 


This being the case, it would still be useful to import a SHP file. I posted a request for a coordinate transformation system in the Ideas section. This would be another method by which to work with geospatial and CAD data within applications such as 3ds max.




I'm not sure if this is appropriate, but I've developed Maproom for 3dsMax which also imports shapefiles. It doesn't support all the data which comes with a shapefile, just the shapes are imported. Maproom also projects the shapefiles to a selection of map projections. You can take a look here:

If you have very specific requirements regarding shapefile support, I'd be happy to include them in a future release of Maproom.

Full disclosure: I'm the developer.


Perhaps this could be accomplished through the new Forge connections, which are in development. 

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