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Share your favorite tips, tricks, workflows, and secrets in 3ds Max.

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Share your favorite tips, tricks, workflows, and secrets in 3ds Max.

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to make a thread about sharing your favorite tips, tricks, or secrets found within 3ds Max.  From awesome hotkey combos to those really essential tools that everyone may not know about, this is the place to share!  I've started the ball rolling below with some really cool tidbits on the particle flow presets that people may not be aware of.  


Please, share yours too! 

Best Regards,


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in reply to: Anonymous

Why so complicated?


macroscript DeselectAllSubObjects category:"Edit"
	local obj = modPanel.getCurrentObject()
	if isKindOf obj Editable_Poly do
		polyop.setVertSelection obj #{}
		polyop.setEdgeSelection obj #{}
		polyop.setFaceSelection obj #{}

Anyway, to get back to the topic of tips and tricks, did you know that if you're in quad chamfer mode in editable poly, you can hold ALT while dragging right/left to increase/decrease segments count? Doesn't work with regular chamfer, though, because nobody touched the code in ages…



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in reply to: Swordslayer

Thx, i'm newb in maxscript, thats why)). Nice tip, used it in past.

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in reply to: Anonymous

Very nice trick with tape

How to align any object in the scene with Tape Helper


In Autodesk 3Ds Max, there are several ways to accurately align an object in a scene. I'll tell you about my method using Tape Helper without special plugins and scripts, and it's pretty fast.

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in reply to: Anonymous

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More procedural modelling with Shaders!


Cloth and fabric creases....


Think sleeves, trouser legs, boots...

 Annotation 2018-12-09 165405.jpg



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in reply to: Swordslayer

If you want to avoid the viewport jump when entering isolation mode, you can deactivate 'Zoom Extents on Isolate'. Note that unlike 'Zoom Extents on Import', this is a per-session setting so it will get reset to its default on value whenever you restart max. In case you wanted to avoid that, you can make a .ms file inside the scripts/startup folder of the ENU folder and put this line in it:


actionMan.executeAction 0 "262" -- Tools: Zoom Extents On Isolate toggle
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in reply to: melissa.lax

Very useful article, many thanks
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Today I was just messing around with max n I did a spine rig using an unorthodox method (perhaps a stupid one!)

What do you think guys?

Could it be a legit way to rig?

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If you create your own toolbar, and want to rearrange buttons locations, simply hold 'Alt' key in your keyboard and drag by left click to where you want it to be.

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in reply to: Waseem_Dabbas

3ds Max 2020 Wont launch after reboot?


So I have been fighting for 3 days with 2 workstations and a third has shown up with the same problem and this time I figured out a fix.

1. Open windows services panel

2. find the service "Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service"

3. If the service is not running try to start it manually

4. If it starts the GREAT! you can stop here. If not then keep going to the next step.

5. If it wont start then open the file explorer and navigate to "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\AdskLicensingService"

6. look for a file called "" and open it in Notepad

7. IF there is nothing in the file, close notepad and either delete it or if you are weary of that, just rename it to something like ""

8. Go back to the services window and try to start up the "Autodesk Desktop Licensing Service" again.

9. if it starts, it should create a new "" file in the folder from step 5.

10. If all that goes well, your 3ds max 2020 "should" fire right up.


I dont know it it is Autodesk or Microsoft but it has and still is a serious pain in my butt... Hope this will help others save time and reduce down time.

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in reply to: photodave

Topic is a lot of good tips, learning well from here!

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in reply to: Swordslayer

Vojtek.  Once you said you can apply an FFD to a camera, and I remember doing that once, but doesnt look working anymore? Or I just cant figure out how to do it.

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in reply to: pyroskat

I managed to distort my camera with an ffd modifer by moving the control points. I am curious as what you would do with it.


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in reply to: Anonymous

I just assigned a path constraint to a camera and a circle

I then distorted the circle with a ffd modifier b  animating the control points. Turned out kind of a neat result.

Could that be what you are looking for?


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in reply to: Anonymous

Oh yes, actually its working. Just not sure why was not working before.

One limitation (understandable) is that it only pinches the corner points of the camera, and not really deforming it.

I was looking for something similar to MeshWarp in AE, where you have a mesh  that you can deform.  So instead of just the 4 corners, I can select the middle part and squeeze this part in relation to the rest. 

I want to only deform the 2d output not just the mesh itself.

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in reply to: pyroskat

The way i would do that is create a plane with as many polys as you need then assign your map then use soft selection.


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Really fast method for detach objects by elements.


This method - 3 minutes

By scripts - 30 minutes


just enjoy


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Hello Really fast method for detach objects by elements.


This method - 3 minutes

By scripts - 30 minutes


just enjoy


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in reply to: pyroskat

is the the result your are looking for? @pyroskat 

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in reply to: Swordslayer

I see that the rotation gets sticky to an axis; that I first have to rotate the locked object along an axis (and then undo) before I can rotate along the desired axis around another object.

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