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How to freelance?

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How to freelance?

Hi! I'm new to the 3D modeling spectrum but I'm super excited to start and I'm just trying to figure out a career path. I've heard that you can make a living doing freelance work. What would that consist of? Selling models/rigs on sites? If so, what kind of sites would they be and how would I go about making money like that? Thanks!

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Posting content to "share sites" is more of a supplementary wage than an actual living.  As a living job you would be working directly with clients, providing content to spec.


Most who try to do this right out of the gate fail, as it requires experience they lack e.g. marketing, cultivating business contacts, setting charge rates, scheduling projects, taxes/account management (usually requires an accountant), legal issues regarding international work and liability (may require a lawyer), and so on.  If you have minimal experience in the field, do some work for someone else before you set out on your own.

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