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3Ds Max Zoom Blurs Objects/Unclear Viewport

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3Ds Max Zoom Blurs Objects/Unclear Viewport

Hi I'm an architecture student having an issue when I want to zoom in on 3ds Max the image is clear for a split second then looks like it's rendering and goes blurry. This makes it very difficult to zoom in and work on vertexes or small lines. Any ideas why this is happening and how to stop it??


1. Zoomed Out

2. First second when I zoom in

3. What happens 1 second later

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in reply to: Anonymous

figured it out.

Went to Views

-Progressive Display

Just turned it off.


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in reply to: Anonymous


I believe the problem is that your object is too far from origin 0.0.0.

I can see in your screen shot that you are at 337952 meters.

Maybe you can try to reset the position of this object to 0.0.0 just to check if you still have this problem. This is my number 1 guess.


Could be related to DOF or motion blur effects. But i really don't think it's the case here.


If you still can't find an answer, try to change the display drivers of your 3ds Max to a lower available driver.


Hope this will help.

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