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Trouble Compiling SDK

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01-30-2008 02:45 PM
I have been trying to recompile the .cpp including in the SDK for python2.4 support.
Once I finally was able to get it to compile, I ended up with the following:

4184 libwiretapPythonClientAPI.so
4573538 lib/opt/LINUX/i686/RHEL4/GCC_3_4_4/libwiretapClientAPI.a
2648825 lib/opt/LINUX/i686/RHEL4/GCC_3_4_4/libwiretapClientAPI.so
2980394 lib/opt/LINUX/i686/RHEL4/GCC_3_4_4/libwiretapPythonClientAPI.so

I have added this lib path, as well as my boost location (/usr/local/lib/boost-1_33_1) to my environ variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and tried to import libwiretapPythonClientAPI.so

I get the following error:
>>> from libwiretapPythonClientAPI import *
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1, in ?
ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (initlibwiretapPythonClientAPI)

I am able to use the supplied python2.3 .so just fine, but I need it for 2.4
Could anyone offer specific information on how to properly recompile the SDK?

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Re: Trouble Compiling SDK

01-31-2008 04:49 PM in reply to: jdisrael

I suggest you use "nm -C" (on linux) to list the symbols. My guess is that your link line is to blame. Here's the one we use:

g++ -m32 -O3 -shared --whole-archive -Bdynamic -o libwiretapPythonClientAPI.so wiretapPythonClientAPI.o libwiretapClientAPI.a libboost_python.a

Not ethat we link against the static WT API lib


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