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Reading Audio Data

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06-19-2009 03:07 PM
I'm tried to read Audio Data from stone.
I used the sample code "readAudio.cpp"
However, when I used clip id, like "/stonefs/UDK/Default/H_-1463783679_S_1178207499_U_495331" then I add"/AUDIOSTREM," it didn't work.
Error message says, "Unable to obtain number of frames: The given ID is not valid."

Anyone has any idea?

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Re: Reading Audio Data

07-21-2009 12:27 PM in reply to: kiyoshi
The node ID of the audio node is not as simple as just appending AUDIOSTREAM to the clip node, unfortunately. You could have multiple audio tracks associated with a single clip, so this is not enough to uniquely identify an audiostream.

To find out what the audio node id is, you can do the getChildren call on the clip node ID programatically or you can use the wiretap_get_children tool provided with the API to do wiretap_get_children -n [clip node id] -h [wiretap server]. The resulting output should show you the node IDs of the audio track(s).

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