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python error

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01-24-2011 07:12 AM

Hi there,


trying to get Python bindings to work on windows (but can't...)

here is what I did (tried to follow WiretapClientSDK.pdf as best as I could):


(1)  installed python 2.3.5

(2)  installed boost 1.42

(3)  copied every DLL from "boost_1_42\lib" to "python23\DLLs"

(4)  downloaded WireTapAPI-2011-1295

(5)  copied WireTapAPI-2011-1295\lib\opt\WinNT\x86_32\WinXP\MSVC_80\libwiretapClientAPI_dynamic.dll to "python23\DLLs"


here is what I get:

ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (initlibwiretapClientPI_dynamic)


I am willing to compile WireTapAPI-2011-1295\samples\wiretapPythonClientAPI.cpp myself but would appreciate an example compiler commandline/settings as my tries have been unsuccessful. this will also be a target later (we use py 2.5/2.6 here normally).


Anyone got this to work?


Thanx in advance for your help



P.S.: the python examples in the PDF always import "libwiretapPythonClientAPI" even though the generated library is "libwiretapClientAPI_dynamic.dll". Is this outdated? I tried importing "libwiretapClientAPI_dynamic" for the above error...

Also renamed that DLL to "libwiretapPythonClientAPI" and tried importing that (which doesnt seem to make a difference)

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Re: python error

02-14-2011 04:00 AM in reply to: philippoeser



I'm new to Wiretap and Python. While I try to setup a windows box to run these, I ran into the same problem you have.


The zip file I downloaded is wiretapapi-2011-1295.zip


in its WINXP folder, there are:





Is it mean to be missing a libwiretapClientAPI.dll ?


seeing this line in all the sample python scripts:


from libwiretapPythonClientAPI import *



I tried to rename the libwiretapClientAPI_dynamic.dll to match the name. But with the same ImportError.



ImportError: dynamic module does not define init function (init<withWhateverNameIType_CaseSensitive>)



Can anyone give us a working example?


Thanks in advance.



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