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Probably OT: wiretapd version conflict on SGI

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07-06-2007 06:21 AM
I know this is not for support questions, but this problem seriously gets in thew way. We have a Flame 2007 beta on our Tezro, and there was a new package of Stone+Wire with it. Right now we are using Flame 9.5. The problem is that the wiretapd still starts up for the 2007, so Cleaner output is broken and the wiretap server list is often unavailable, the framestore cannot be browsed with the API etc. Is there a techpub which tells how to override the wiretapd that we now have with the 1.7 server to get the things back in working condition? When I do wiretap_server_dump I see IFFFS-25 Autodesk IFFFS 2007.0.0

This is certainly not what I want to see there though :-)
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Re: Probably OT: wiretapd version conflict on SGI

07-06-2007 05:30 PM in reply to: julik

I'm a little confused by your post. 2007 has been out of beta for some time now. You should uninstall it ASAP, along with Stone+Wire. I suggest you re-install 9.5 as well.

As for compatibility, this surprises me since Wiretap is deigned to be forward and backeward compatible. Perhaps the beta version you have installed is incomplete or buggy.

Hope this helps,

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