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Offset timecode on EVERY XML import

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07-14-2009 08:02 AM

I am trying to use Wiretap for the first time to conform RED footage from a Final Cut XML.
Each time I import the XML to Wiretap it imports with an offset and incorrect timecode.
I have imported the XML back into Final Cut to check the in/out timecodes for each clip. When I do this it matched the Final Cut project.
When I import the same XML file into Wiretap all of the timecodes have become offset.

Any ideas would be great as I am banging my head on this one!


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Re: Offset timecode on EVERY XML import

07-14-2009 09:56 PM in reply to: motorvfx

In wiretapcentral while u r in submit tab check whether the handles given matches the same handles used while exporting from FCP.

Then in smoke after u import the xml file select it and the go to tools and in tools select consolidate, where give the same handles used in fcp.

And then consolidate it.

Probably this should solve the problem.

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