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Creating projects

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11-20-2007 10:12 PM
Another question to which I suspect the answer is "don't do that" or "wait for 2008", but I'm trying to create projects using wiretap_create_node, but it fails if there are already clips under that name on the machine, saying the project already exists. Is there a way around that? Specifically I want wiretap to create the entry in the rdb file.
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Re: Creating projects

11-21-2007 07:57 PM in reply to: ciaran2
Not sure what you mean. Projects can be added to the underlyng RDB, but project names must be unique inIFFFS. That has not changed in 2008.

However, 2008 will allow all project metadata to be manipulated opeaquely ... including binary metadata. (sorry for the shameless plug)
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