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Shadow casting contour 3D polyline

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05-07-2012 04:01 AM

Hello, I've seen this in other 3rd party software.  A projection of the shadow on a 3D surface, even of a complete day.

This was done with a 3D polyline, casting every 15 minutes and putting a vertex on the surface. 


I want an accumulation of the shadows of a complete day.  And I would like to present it in a 2D drawing or 3D wireframe.  Anyone has an idea?

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Re: Shadow casting contour 3D polyline

02-12-2013 07:16 PM in reply to: Eycki

Can't animate using autocad...have to export to other software. From there its a matter of adding stuff called "key frames" or something similar to that.


Alternative would be to set the sun's location on autocad and render a still frame. Move the time slightly, and render on... then piecing the images together with video software.


Autocad's MACRO recorder might allow rendering the still frames to be automatic, though I haven't tried. 

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