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edges appearing through like x-rays?

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05-17-2011 04:52 AM

One of our drafters has a realistic visual style, however the visual style shows an edgemode fore items directly underneath an other (as if x-rayed through) our drafter obviously doesn’t want that. We’ve both switched a few things on and off but nothing seams to change it.


Dose anybody know how?

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Re: edges appearing through like x-rays?

10-27-2011 07:21 AM in reply to: The_Caddie

I have this very same issue. I desire to create quote drawings for structures using a Realistic+Black Edges visual style. Everything looks fine when I zoom in, but as I zoom out to create a view of a large 40' x 16' assembly, supposedly-occluded edges begin to bleed through relatively thin objects (0.250" & 0.040" thickness). I experience the same problem on two fairly different systems, detailed below:


System 1:

AutoCAD 2011

Windows 7 64-bit

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 (stock clock)


ATI FirePro v4800 (old drivers, latest drivers, & Autodesk recommended drivers)


System 2:

AutoCAD 2012

Windows 7 64-bit

Intel Sandy Bridge i5-2500K (OC to 4.2GHz)


ATI Radeon HD 5870 2GB (latest drivers)


Both systems give identical results. I'm curious if anyone with an Nvidia GPU experiences this issue or if anyone has identified & corrected it. I used to use FLATSHOT to generate lines/arcs to output ISO views on my prints, but am trying to streamline my process so that model updates are directly reflected within my print layouts. Shaded w/ Edges is about the only way I'll be able to accomplish this...but the bleed through is quite confusing for my sales team & customers.


Thanks in advance!

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