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Plotting all files in a directory

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11-01-2002 09:49 AM
I am very new to Lisp, but I have managed to create a program that will plot a dwg with all the variables that I specified. I also found a program that opens the next file in a directory. How do I combine these programs so I can print all the files in a directory.

(defun c:smileytongue:p ()
(command ".-plot" "Yes" "Model" "HP DeskJet 660C" "Letter" "I" "L" "N" "E" "Fit"
"Center" "Y" "monochrome.CTB" "Y" "N" "Y" "" "N" "Y")

(defun C:NEXT (/ CNT FILELIST NEXTDWG objDWG acadObject)
(setq FILELIST (acad_strlsort (vl-directory-files (getvar "dwgprefix") "*.dwg"))
CNT (length (member (getvar "dwgname") (reverse FILELIST)))
(if (< CNT (length FILELIST))
(setq NEXTDWG (strcat (getvar "dwgprefix") (nth CNT FILELIST)))
(if (IsItOpen NEXTDWG)
(command "vbastmt" (strcat "AcadApplication.Documents.Open \"" NEXTDWG "\""))
(alert "\nError: You are in the last drawing in this directory: ")
(if objDwg
(setq acadObject (vlax-get-acad-object))
(vlax-put-property acadObject 'Activedocument objDWG)

;IsItOpen by Bill Kramer

(defun IsItOpen (DwgName); / DWGS DWG Flag)

(setq DWGS (vlax-get-property (vlax-get-acad-object) "Documents"))
; Modified
(setq objDWG nil)
(vlax-for DWG DWGS

(if (or
(= (strcase (vlax-get-property DWG "Name"))
(strcase DwgName))
(= (strcase (vlax-get-property DWG "FullName"))
(strcase DwgName)))
; Modified
(setq objDWG DWG)
(setq Flag 'T)
(princ "\nC:NEXT")

Thanks in advanced.
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Re: Plotting all files in a directory

11-03-2002 06:43 PM in reply to: Kidd
Try the program Scripteeze (
With this you can select files in a directory and then assign lisps or scripts you want to run on each drawing.
Regards, Joris
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