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Re: Navigate Viewports

01-12-2013 09:48 AM in reply to: Lineabove

Lineabove wrote:



Thank you.

Glad you found what you need Lineabove


FWIW: Heres a mini rouitne to demonstrate CTAB [from an old routine of mine]


(defun c:tab ( / CDiaStr ListBoxDia StrDiaFnme lname)
;;;	pBe 12Jan2013	;;;
(defun CDiaStr (/ fnSTR)
  (setq StrDiaFnme
         (vl-filename-mktemp "tmp.DCL" ))
  (setq fnSTR (open StrDiaFnme "a"))
    "dcl_settings : default_dcl_settings { audit_level = 3; }
  ListofLayoutTabs : dialog 
  { label = \"\"; key= \"Base\";
  : list_box { key = \"StrListS\"; 
  width = 20; height = 20; } spacer ;
  }" fnSTR )
  (close fnSTR)

(defun ListBoxDia  (DiaName Title Lst / el x)
            (setq StrDIA (load_dialog StrDiaFnme))
            (if (not (new_dialog DiaName StrDIA))
            (start_list "StrListS")
            (mapcar 'add_list Lst)
            (set_tile "Base" Title)
            (action_tile "StrListS" "(setq el (get_tile $key))")
            (action_tile "accept" "(done_dialog 1)(setq x T)")
            (action_tile "cancel" "(done_dialog 0)")
            (unload_dialog StrDIA)
            (if x (read (strcat "(" el ")")))
(cond ((and
	(setq lname (ListBoxDia
	   "Select Layout Name"
	   (vl-file-delete StrDiaFnme)
           (setvar 'ctab (nth (car lname) (layoutlist))




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