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Measuring Area Using Override Dimensions, Was Told To Try Here

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06-13-2012 12:48 PM

Hi All,


I'm very new to AutoCAD, I was hired to complete a space project this summer which required basic AutoCAD knowledge. I am responsible for populating a database in which one of the fields is the area of individual rooms in a building. The instructions indicated that I was to use polylines to enclose each room / area and to find the area based on these values.


Earlier this year, another student was hired to confirm the measurements on building blueprints. This student took accurate measurements of each room, however instead of correcting the drawings, he simply added override text to the dimensions. Therefore the displayed dimensions are correct but my area values using polylines are inaccurate.


The project that I'm working on includes a number of drawings and close to 1000 rooms. I downloaded a function I found online that allows me to figure out which dimensions were overridden by boxing them in a different colour and I've found that it is a s