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Flyout toolbar

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02-04-2013 11:04 AM

Here's an example of my MNS file:




**TB10 ID_TB10     [_Toolbar("Toolbar 10", _Floating, _Hide, 1, 1, 1)]

ID_ICON11     [_Button("Icon 11", "Icon11.bmp", "Icon11.bmp")]^C^CIcon11

ID_ICON12     [_Button("Icon 12", "Icon12.bmp", "Icon12.bmp")]^C^CIcon12

ID_ICON13     [_Button("Icon 13", "Icon13.bmp", "Icon13.bmp")]^C^CIcon13


**TB20 ID_TB20     [_Toolbar("Toolbar 20", _Floating, _Hide, 2, 1, 1)]

ID_ICON21     [_Button("Icon 21", "Icon21.bmp", "Icon21.bmp")]^C^CIcon21

ID_ICON22     [_Button("Icon 22", "Icon22.bmp", "Icon22.bmp")]^C^CIcon22

ID_ICON23     [_Button("Icon 23", "Icon23.bmp", "Icon23.bmp")]^C^CIcon23


**TB100 ID_TB100     [_Toolbar("Toolbar 100", _Top, _Show, 3, 2, 1)]

ID_FLY101     [_Flyout("Flyout 101", Flyout101.bmp, Flyout101.bmp, _OtherIcon, CAD_2013.TB10)]

ID_FLY102     [_Flyout("Flyout 102", Flyout102.bmp, Flyout102.bmp, _OtherIcon, CAD_2013.TB20)]



When it is loaded, AutoCAD shows a toolbar with 2 flyout buttons.  When I right click on the toolbar, the list shows Toolbar 10, Toolbar 100, and Toolbar 20.  Is it possible to NOT show Toolbar 10 and Toolbar 20 on this list?  We have so many on our list, and a lot of them we will not turn them on.  We created them so that we can do the flyout button.  Thanks.

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Re: Flyout toolbar

02-05-2013 03:23 PM in reply to: Vo_Dich

This is my solution where flyouts...






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