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DataExtraction issue when extracting user block attribute data

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My company is finally getting around to upgrading to AutoCAD 2011 (from 2005). We use custom VB code to extract data from specific attributed blocks from dwgs. I started investigating using the DataExtraction API for .NET and I seem to have found a limitation to the API as well as the dataextraction built in AutoCAD functionality.

Here is the issue:

If I create an mleader style with "Mleader type' 'Content' type as  'Block' and select the 'Source block' as the attributed block I was to embed in the mleader, then the dataextraction command can successfully extract the attribute data I am looking for.

If however I do not create a new mleader style and say  the default 'Standard' mleader style (which has its 'Mleader type' 'Content' type as 'Mtext'  - the default) is the current one in the dwg. Then if I type in at the command line 'mleader' and change the content type to 'Block'  and provide the attributed block name here, the dataextraction command does not find these blocks. It appears if you override the Mleader style value at the command line the dataextraction API does not recognize this mleader as having an embedded attributed block.

This is a serious problem since there is no way to prevent a user from manually setting the Content type and creating an mleader that looks and behaves exactly like all other mleaders that have not overridden the mleader style. There is a real danger of missing extraction of some data.

Has anyone out there notice this and more importantly, have a solution or point me to the error of my ways?


I've attaced a dwg (2010) and a dxe extraction template, though this can be reproduced (I'm assuming) by using your own attributed block with or without the dxe file.




Stephen Schneider


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