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reverse / bulge

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04-28-2000 02:57 PM
I am writting a program that will reverse the direction of a polyline.

given a bulge factor what is the eaiest way to calculate a bulge for
the reverse direction ?

Changing the sign i.e from + to - does not work.
Yes, I do understand that there are programs that exist.
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Re: reverse / bulge

04-28-2000 03:37 PM in reply to: *malcolm
Sorry my mistake.
changing the sign does work.

for anyone that is intrested, here it is

'program to reverse the direction of a pline
Private Sub reverse_pline(plineObj As Variant)
Dim pts() As Double
Dim bulge() As Double
Dim legs As Integer
Dim retcoord As Variant

Dim i As Integer
Dim i2 As Integer

retcoord = plineObj(0).Coordinates
ReDim Preserve pts(UBound(retcoord))

legs = (UBound(retcoord) / 2) - 1
ReDim Preserve bulge(legs)

For i = legs To 0 Step -1
bulge(i) = plineObj(0).GetBulge(legs - i) * -1
Next i

For i = UBound(retcoord) To 0 Step -2
i2 = UBound(retcoord) - i
pts(i2 + 1) = retcoord(i)
pts(i2) = retcoord(i - 1)
Next i

plineObj(0).Coordinates = pts
For i = 0 To legs
plineObj(0).SetBulge i, bulge(i)
Next i

End Sub
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